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on the way to Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

The Royal Palace

Goodbye to Nice and off to Italy.

But before getting onto the motorway there was a stop in Monaco.

Driving in Monaco was not an easy task. Parking was even worse. First there was finding somewhere and then there was actually getting into one of the bays. Definitely made for little cars! Anyway we finally found a spot and Mike squeezed the car in without damage. He then stayed in the car while Yve, Pete and I took off. Pete fortunately had been there before so he found the Casino and from that area we took a photo of THE palace and then back to the car!

On the way had a funny moment. A young man was lounging against a Rolls Royce having his photo taken. AS soon as the click went, he shouted 'there's an Audi!' and off he ran with girlfriend and camera coming behind. Given the number of very expensive cars in the area of the Casino we could see the poor girl scuttling all over the place while he had his photo taken over and over again!

Then it was off to find the motor way. Poor GPS Mary, every time she said 'take a sharp left, or right' we had passed it or missed the sharp turn and took the next. So it was round and round but eventually we had wound our way back up the hill and were on the Motorway. Mike by then had earned several medals!

WE had considered not taking the motorway but all advice was it would take ages along the lower coast roads, and would be more dangerous and the poor driver couldn't see a lot.

Surprisingly, we did see a lot. It was through tunnels over a bridge or viaduct all the way across. From the viaducts we had an unobstructed view of mountains and deep valleys. AS we moved into Italy the mountains were slightly lower and valleys not quite so deep. There were terraced and cultivated steep hill sides. There were also a fair few buildings with lots of solar panels on them

It turned out to be a very interesting drive.

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