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My bike ride...south over this bridge...I ended up walking like this old...

The "Italian Stance"...the slow stroll!

Another view of the "stroll!"

Tighty Whities or bathing suit....ummmm?

Rosario, our driver to the full moon party!

Lelo, the girl?, Rosario and ride to the country!

Achille and the girls!

What is Alessandro up to??? :)

Moon...responsible for all misbehavings!!

Outdoor eats, drinks, and laughs!

View from my room!

Sunrise on my departure!

Closer view of the Mighty Moon!!!

Well, some say that you shouldn't return to a place and try and relive the beautiful time you had before!!! Not so! I arrived in Pescara, in the rain, taxi to the Hotel Carlton on the beach and hit the supermercato! I relaxed, went out for a bite to eat and decided on my plans for Sardenia! I awoke, had a delicious breakfast and headed out on the bicycle. I rode south, which wasn't that pretty so I decided to turn around and head north. Stopped at a few bars for espresso and spied a public beach.....locked up the bike and headed to the mare (sea!)....was approached by a guy.....ciao Bella, would you like a foot massage? How about an adventure with an Italian man? Do you like me???? Jeez....NO,NO,NO!!!!! He was not threatening, just a pain! Decided to pack up and relocate! I went to the public beach by my hotel, swam and text my friends. I met them at the Tumbler....prosecco, appertivi and Alessandro calls Rosario and tells him to bring me to the full moon party! Rosario, Lelo, another girl and I all head into the mountains for a full moon party....great house and very fun! They brought me home around midnight.....great time was had by all! On Wednesday I met them at the beach....all day....they were much more relaxed this time around as I am assuming the guys drank too much the night before! Tatiana suggested I fly to Cagliari instead of taking the train to civittevechia (7hrs) and then hotel, then the ferry over (5hrs)....very excited on this thought, I decided to leave the beach and scope out my options! The smaller inter country flights are a lot less expensive, but my luggage is a huge issue. Alitalia it is!!! We all had dinner Wednesday night.....Thursday I took the bus to the airport, hesitant on booking online.....purchased my ticket ....pescara -Cagliari......cagliari-genoa!!!!! The taxi picks me up at 6:15 for my 7:30am flight. I now sit in Milan airport awaiting my connection! Will wait until I arrive to figure how I will get to citte centro!!! I have a few hotels in mind, and may just rent a car?????? Ciao!!!!

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