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One of my favorite things to do is to get up early in the morning and sit outdoors with a nice campfire.

The early mornings are so quiet here. Frequently the only sounds are the birds singing. Often we see deer wandering close by. They seem not to be spooked by the presence of a few humans or a campfire.

Marilyn says that one reason she loves it here at Mountaindale is because it is so much more like camping, while life at an RV resort is often different. Many resorts do not allow open fires of any kind, and most do not even have picnic tables at the Sites.

Both choices are enjoyable but for different reasons.

Several of our neighbors walked over to chat for a few minutes but both left today, headed for new destinations.

One family headed home to Memphis, TN and the other headed north to visit family & friends in Wyoming.

The clear sky we experienced when we first went outdoors this morning, soon was covered by clouds and a cool breeze made a sweatshirt or light jacket feel comfortable.

Marilyn worked on a Greek salad to take with us when we joined friends Jesse & Ginger and Paul & Diane for dinner this evening.

I carried the trash to the dumpster and then we were ready for a walk.

By this time the sky had mostly cleared again and the bright sunshine made walking comfortable.

We walked 1 ½ miles before I decided that it was enough. Marilyn went another 1 ½ miles before she wore herself out. LOL

She fixed a couple of pulled pork sandwiches for our lunch and then we completed a few chores before relaxing for the afternoon.

Around 4:00 we walked down to Jesse & Ginger’s place to join them, along with Paul & Diane for “Happy Hour” and a cookout.

Jesse grilled burgers and brats while the other two couples brought side dishes.

There was lots of chatter and laughter.

We saw three or four deer wandering about, only yards from where we all sat. The deer must not have felt threatened because two of them found a shady spot to lay down. From their comfy spot they watched us for some time until people began coming around to take their picture. Then they wandered off for some privacy.

The dinner and the company were fine!

It was a really good time and we all left with hugs and good wishes for Paul & Diane who are leaving tomorrow morning.

So, another fine day drifts softly to a close.

Life is Good!

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