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Tao Min (on the left) and Ceilidh at Isla Partida

We left Bahia San Francisquito for the 30 mile journey to Isla Partida, in what are known as the Midriff Islands. These islands cross the Golfo de California at its narrowest point.

We sailed off our anchor, and most of the way there. We had to start up our motor about 10 miles from the island when the wind died.

This island didn't have bees, which is nice, but it is fairly barren. It really didn't have much of anything other than a lot of birds. It was however a fairly calm anchorage, which is nice.

We shared the anchorage with the s/v Ceilidh (Gaelic, pronounced like kaylee), a boat we have been sharing many anchorages with since Puerto Escondido. We seem to be on a similar schedule at the moment. They are one of the "net control" boats on the radio net we listen to in the mornings for weather, so we know we will hear at least one boat most of the time, and hear about everyone when they host on Fridays.

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