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Two old boat racing cronies

Y 97 by Chris Hall IV

The Coast Guard

The Wildlife folks

Vintage boat by Chris Hall Sr

Waiting to be put in the water

Uh,Oh! Broken sponsons

Our home on wheels

Y 97 ready to go racing

A local lake and park


Perimeter road for smoother walking

A family


Attending the boat races is generally a fun thing to do. This time it was phenomenal. "Hitch itch" was gnawing away at us; easily remedied by a click of the ignition. Off to Elizabeth City, NC for three days of chitting and chatting with folks we haven't seen in a while, potluck suppers, and camaraderie with other boat racers. It can get old but not this time!

A Hampton, Virginia boat dealer bought Scott's Y boat. Corky had fun puttering around with them. It was all fun and games until a strong wind flipped Chris's boat 360 degrees. You always worry about injuries until you see the orange helmet pop out of the water or rescue brings him in-which they did on a back board!

At the same time we developed a more personal acquaintance with father and son. Corky volunteered our pick-up to haul a WWII relic back to Hampton. That was quite fun as the father is a collector. He has a large garage filled decoratively with original nostalgia cars/parts.

Also, celebrating Memorial Day with family was tons of fun. A picnic complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, red, white, and blue congealed salad, etc. Trent treated us to a Southern Living banana, peanut butter, chocolate cream pie. Amy was here to assist with some of the preparations. Katie and Maddie are good little helpers with Jacob. They are like little mothers. Everyone of them are growing like little weeds. Katie is 11, Maddie is 8, and "wildman" is 23 months old. I'd like to take them all to Lone Star Lakes(see Pics).

Katie and Maddie are quite the fisher ladies! Jacob will need a lifejacket as there is nothing stopping him from going headlong into the water!

The next entry will be posted within a few days. Basically, I am doing very well-alittle(OK alot) tireder than unusual. I'm still able to do housekeeping and some gardening. My son-in-law came up and reworked the flower beds. That was very thoughtful. This past week and the coming week I'm having or had interval testing. Monday will be CT report day. I imagine by now you all just read through misspelled words or transposed letter. Typing remains a challenge. My best advice is be prompt with preventive medical testing.

Will report in in a few days-a fun excursion Sunday.

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