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Great beaches


Up early and down to the beach. We board our cat and make our way out to a small island. The motors are turned off and we sail.

Eventually, when we near the island, some board the small tender and set out to do some snorkelling. The tender returns for us but by the time we reach the others they are waving frantically.

It seems the sea is full of jellyfish and they are being stung quite badly. We pull them aboard and return to the cat.

A light lunch of fruit before we set out to another area closer to the main shore.

David sits on the front whilst I sit on the back, dangling my legs in the water as we go along. By the end of it my feet are once again pink and clean – for the first time in weeks.

Another attempt at snorkelling but the water a little bouncy and still some jellyfish.

We return to the beach – not a successful day and certainly not worth the money paid. Chris always preferred the local guys and their dows and I don’t think today’s trip will have changed his mind.

At four we board a small bus and visit a small inland atoll which houses quite a few turtles – most of the others swim with them for a while before we return for tea.

Another night of luxury in our temporary accommodation. Can imagine that this place would be really hopping in the peak season.

However, the housing and roads surrounding the tourist places are very dilapidated and poor – apart from wages to the staff, not sure how much filters down to the villagers.

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