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Marilyn & I enjoyed spending time with Jesse & Ginger yesterday.

We ate dinner together in the outdoor screened room at our friends site. We then engaged in a domino game of Mexican Train, which was a rout in favor of Ginger, as she won handily.

That result sure didn’t have an effect on our slumber as we slept great last night.

We remained indoors with our coffee this morning and then took a walk together. We walked a bit over a mile and a half, but Marilyn continued for another half mile. We took pictures while walking this morning and will share those with you.

While Marilyn straightened things in our little rolling condo, I went outdoors and cleaned the bugs from the front of the RV.

I backed the truck up to the hitch and then stood on a short ladder in the truck bed to reach the top of the front end cap.

It looks much better now!

Marilyn went outdoors to read her book while I remained inside for awhile taking care of some business on-line.

We look forward to seeing friends here at Mountaindale later this summer.

Jesse & Ginger, along with Paul & Diane are already here.

Bob & Janet will be here soon, as will Mike & Marian, Steve & Cathy, Tom & Berni, and others who will be in this area.

We will see Jim & Ellie tomorrow and hope to see Jim & Dee later, along with non-RV friends, Richard & Dianna and Jim & Karen.

We sure hope to spend time with each of these good people while we are enjoying the summer here in this awesome Colorado weather.

This afternoon we called a friend in Quincy, Il, then called our daughter and spoke with her for awhile.

Mostly we spent the late afternoon and evening just relaxing.

Life is Good!

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