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Laura waiting for my train to depart!

I will miss her dearly!!!!!!

Wonderful memories!!

I awoke feeling a little down.....neither Laura nor Giacomo wanted me to leave! I would have stayed another day, but Italian superstition is that traveling on martedi (Tuesday ) is not permitted! :).....that would have meant I stay until miercoldi (Wednesday)! I woke up very early and got the Atlas out, plotting my intended next ffew weeks. I decided on going to Pescara for a few days, take the train to Civitavecchia, hopping on a ferry to Sardenia, then ferry back to Genoa! I felt settled, as I had a tentative plan!! Laura and I ran some errands, got the train schedule, put money on my Italian Sim, then we took a morning drive to Loreto.....where there is a huge church....monks reside, as does the Black Madonna! It was absolutely awe inspiring .....I did not bring my camera (first time!!!!!!) so Laura bought me a book and a silver medal for my chain! Loreto is famous throughout the world for its Shrine of the Holy House, that Pope John Paul II defined: "the foremost Shrine of international prestige devoted to the Virgin, and for several centuries the true Marian heart of Christianity" (1993). Mass was going on as we toured this majestic church, and the old confession booths were not being used, but sitting around the confession area. People now, sit in a "waiting area" for their turn to confess with the monks, strategically placed in the confession area. I lit several candles, one for my family and friends, and one for me (first time!)...praying for a miracle that I choose to keep to myself! :)...I am sorry that I do not have pics to share, but I will share the book with anyone that is interested. We headed back home for a lunch with the "family", as I was leaving on the 3:00 train! We ate, once again, family style, another memorable feast. As I was getting my bags, Laura came up and gave me her favorite necklace, crying, she hoped that everytime I wore it, I would think of her. She said that everytime she looked at "my bedroom", she would think of me. Giacomo told me "no crying" and after a week, I could actually understand him.....Yeah on my italian!!! At the train station, Laura and I cried (sobbed) as words can not express how beautiful and memorable my time in Ancona was!!!! I WILL BE BACK!!!!

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