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Rebecca, Catia's daughter and Horse jumper! Her horse is named Lollipop

Laura and Rosemarie or Ruthann? Sorry for the lapse of memory!

Me and ?

Daughters of relatives?

Corner where Nano was born!

Another view of Nano's!

Love the balconies this time of year!

Giacomo before dinner....."I am the boss!!"

After dinner!

What a lucky gal I am!

Ciao! Civitanova!!!

Our restaurante!

I walked this morning before Laura and Giacomo got up. The wine and late night caught up with us all. We decided to stay in; Laura, watering the plants and catching up on chores and me, packing, getting laundry together, adding text to journal! We were going to Civitanova later in the day to walk, meet more family and have dinner with Angelo and Mariaellia! I was still undecided on my next destination...earthquakes were trembling in the north so Bologna and Rimini were out. I was getting a bit ansio (anxious) because the trip was winding down and even though I had 3weeks seemed like it was just not enough time!! I thought I wanted to return back to Pescara, great fun and nice beaches? Mind was bogged down with options! We went in to Civitanova, saw where Laura grew up, my nano was born and met another lady (RuthAnn?), can't remember her relation, there were just so many people I had met in the last few days. We had cafe with her, her daughter came in to say hello and Angelo and Mariaellia met up with us! We took one car to a very typico trattoria "Patrizia" was the name. Angelo and Mariaellia go EVERY Sunday, and I was fortunate enough to join them this Sunday! We arrived, and as always, they were seated at "their" seat, reserved for them every Sunday! Of course, I was introduced, the meal was ordered (I did not even have to look at the menu!) and the feast began! This is just plain ridiculous...I eat, and then I eat, and then I eat some more!!!! It was a beautiful evening and on the way home Laura begged me to stay until on Wednesday. The reason for this was, they wanted me to stay, it is bad luck in Italy to travel on Tuesdays, and Giacomo did not work on Wednesday! I decided to leave on Monday as I was wanting to take advantage of my 3 weeks "on the road." As I type this a month later, in retrospect, I wish I would have stayed! Hindsight!!?? Ciao!!!

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