There are too many sunsets we havent seen.... travel blog

The locals

Broome/China Town

Old Pearl Luggers

Bridget enjoying her icecream

Sun Cinemas

Port of Broome

Up at the dinosaur prints

Sitting in Anastasias Pool at the beginning on the sunset

Canoe passing by

Enjoying the sunset

Starting to go down

and down


Bridget enjoying her dinner at Matsos Brewery


The Mango Place

The Mango Place

Cable Beach

Cable Beach

Updating the journal at Cable Beach

First subway for Bridget

Meeting the camels

Up on Jabby our camel

awesome feeling riding along cable beach

family shot

Road up the Dampier Pennisula

Beagle Bay Church


Mother of Pearl....

Sign one for Beagle Bay

Sign two for Beagle Bay

Road into Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque

Cute Legs

Cygnet Bay

Cygnet Bay

Cygnet Bay over looks King Sound

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Capturing the sunset on the drive back to Broome

Oh yeah, it was a cold night, Bridget ended up sleeping with us as we werent quite prepared for how cold it was going to be.....after a hot shower we headed into Broome for Breakfast and good coffee.

First stop was the Tourist Bureau, we picked up a few brochures and got some info on Cape Leveque and local spots to see. Bridget picked up a little magnetised turtle and has been attached to it since.....

We parked up in Chinatown (main street area) and headed to Coles and Brumbys for breakfast and then around the corner at the Dragon fly Cafe for a damn good and long awaited coffee......the simple things! We walked chinatown and the main streets, visiting the Pearl Luggers, Sun Outdoor cinemas and all the local shops finishing off with a super scumptious ice cream at the icecreamery! Ben enjoyed Pistachio & mint choc chip, Bridget had natural strawberry & I had prune, port & marscopone icecream! Soooo goooooood!! We also topped up with a few groceries and warmer clothes for Bridget.

We then went for a drive out to the port and then followed a 4wd track around the coast to Gantheaume Point, where we saw the dinosaur prints and sat in Anastasias Pool (a small man made pool built by a formers lighthouse keeper for his arthritic wife.) watching the sun set for an hour. Neither of us had ever just sat and watched the sun set, so it was an awesome place to do it!

We then headed to the famous Matsos Brewery and enjoyed a beautiful meal. Bridget enjoyed her nuggets and chips, preferring the tomato sauce the most, Ben had chilli beer mussels and I had chicken maryland with roast parsnip and carrots. Ben also tried their mango beer and I had their ginger beer! Very nice place and money well spent.

Day two in Broome, slightly warmer night thanks to four layers of clothing and bedding. Driving into town (our caravan park is 29kms from town) we stopped by The Mango Place, enjoyed a beautfiul smoothie, bought some wine and mango vinegar and chilled in their tropical garden.We then headed down to the beautiful cable beach, Bridget fell asleep in the pram so Ben and I chilled enjoying a coffee and updating our journal. We headed into town for lunch, where Bridget enjoyed her first subway meal.....bought a few more groceries for the Gibb River and then made our way back to cable beach for our camel ride.

What an experience the camel ride was, Bridge did really well, she got a little frightened when the camel got up and down but loved it after was certainly worth the money.

We had an early dinner at eagle boys pizza and then headed back to the tent and settled down to watch a movie.

Day three and we made our way up to Dampier Pennisula to the famous Cape Leveque.

We knew the road was for 4wd drive only but werent quite expecting to be as rough and sandy! The road starts off as bitumen for 15km then offroad for 85km and then back to bitumen for the remainding 115kms. We called into the Beagle Bay Community and it was the first time Ben had seen an aboriginal community, so it was certainly an eye opener. We arrived at the reknown church built during WW1 with mother of pearl shells – very beautiful and amazing how it has stood the time. The signage on the pennisula is limited and the main sign for example heading into Beagle bay is spraypainted on a car bonnet!

Turning off the main road to Cape Leveque shocked us even more as it was typical beach sand which required some speed to get through it and to our surprise they had speed bumps up the whole way! Cape Leveque is a simply stunning coastline, photos just dont do it justice. It wasnt what we expected but so glad we saw it, as it was certainly worth the drive. We then made our way to the tip of the pennisula to One Arm Point and then down into Cygnet Bay Pearls!! Cygnet Bay Pearls is the only fully operation farm in Broome, it was great to see a glimpse into the lifestyle and of course buying pearls was just as much fun!

It was a long day but a great experience and a nice way to end our stay in Broome.

Whilst in Broome we travelled 705kms

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