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Penny at the geocache

Who in the world would have ever imagined we'd still be here in June?? We have so much to do and see out there that we should certainly be on the road by now. But.....

Bob has another appointment with his shoulder doc on the 6th; the truck goes down for its exhaust brakes on the 7th and we both have an appointment with the eye doc on the 14th so we'll be here 'til at least the middle of the month.

Something we've noticed out here...Back east, on hot days, people are warned to stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day, usually between noon and 2 p.m. or so. Out here the hottest time is around 5 p.m. I guess it's because of the different time zones.

Sooooo, since the temps have been in the low 100's (it's 107* now at 1:20 p.m), we've not been doing a lot of anything...not even geocaching! Eye doc appt. on 6/1 after which we spent the afternoon at Walmart while I got my hair cut and Bob got to browse leisurely through the meat department. Today (the 3rd) it's off to CVS for some more eye meds and that'll be about the extent of our outside activity today.

Friday night, Bunk and Brenda took us to dinner, courtesy of some winning tickets they got during that contest I told you about last month. We went to the italian restaurant in the Red Rock Casino, another of the "Station" casinos. What a delicious meal we had! I ordered shrimp scampi while Bob and Brenda had veal and Bunk had the sea bass. All meals were absolutely delicious.


I did some geocaching while Bob was in rehab today then we both went searching. Found some neat ones and some of the not-so-neat ones called Lamp Post Caches where they're hidden under those square skirts around the base of lampposts.


I left after our first set of eyedrops and spent the afternoon geocaching my way down to where I had to take the truck to get it's exhaust brakes. Bunk and Brenda picked me up on their way home. So, now it looks like we're definitely grounded until the truck is done...hopefully next Tuesday.

The Belmont Stakes are Saturday. Maybe we'll have a new Triple Crown winner!!


Well, what a bummer yesterday was!! First of all, I HATE being without wheels! I have to keep reminding myself it's for a safe cause.

Then secondly, I'll Have Another scratched from the Belmont!!! After much gnashing of teeth and total disappointment and finally, resigned acceptance that there was not going to be a Triple Crown winner again this year, I watched the tapes of him walking around the paddock ara and, if you looked closely as he was being walked, you could see what appeared to be puffiness in his left front tendon but I certainly don't understand the reasoning behind retiring him. He's only a 3-yr. old and could be back in time for next year's racing season. And it sounded like his owner didn't want to put him out for stud because he said he's not really interested in the breeding end of the horse business. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

But, Bunk and Brenda stopped by on their way home from work to pick me up and we went out for a geocacache or two so the day wasn't a complete bust.


Today was Belmont Day! And even though we'll not have a Triple Crown winner this year (I think I'll Have Another just might have pulled it off), Mike Matz's entry, Union Rags made a great "come from behind" run to just edge out Paynter for the win. It was an exciting race, really.

My daughter and I knew Mike Matz "waaaay back when" ... when he was a member of the Berks Pony Club in Pennsylvania with Betsy...over 40 years ago! Ye gads...that's a long time ago, isn't it?

Bunk and Brenda picked us up this afternoon and we took them out to eat then the 4 of us grabbed some geocaches on the way home where Bunk put another shelf in the pantry, stapled the decorative fence around the top of Sam's tree pen to keep Taco out of it, and put a door on the area above the pantry that was just an empty space. We had put a sliding shelf in there a couple of weeks ago. Finished up in the dark with Bob holding a shop light so everyone could see what they were doing. Turned out pretty well!

They are having the 3-day Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Raceway this weekend...expecting over 300,000 people (mostly late teens and 20-somethings). Bands, entertainment, etc. from 7 p.m. each night to 5:30 a.m. the next morning. There are 2 campers of them staying at the park this weekend and the two girls were dressed in tutu skirts!!! Very short tutu skirts. And I'm not too sure they had anything on under them! Let me tell you...if the girls were my grandchildren and they dressed like that, they wouldn't be allowed out of the house for 10 years!!! Brenda said it seems to be the "In" thing this year so I guess I'm just getting old .


Picked the truck up today with its new exhaust brakes. I've tested it a little around town but I think today, after our eye doc appointment, we'll drive up to one of the mountains and see how it does coming down out of them. Won't be real high...about 4000 ft. down to about 2000' but it'll work.

Nothing else new. Still taking drops every day for the eyes. Bob can still see so much better than he did before. I still want my old cataracts back, LOL!


Well, here it is the 20th and I still can't see distances as well as I did before he took those cataracts out. I have another appointment with him the 27th and I'm going to tell him how totally disappointed I am!

Been out geocaching (of course); temps have been HOT the low 100s to 109...but the humidity is only around 3%!!; truck is going in on Monday to get it's "hip" fixed (where I gouged it when we were in Gettysburg last August). Luckily, this repair place offers rental car service (they pay!) because it will be in there for a week. That brings us up to right before the 4th of July and since that falls in the middle of the week, I haven't the foggiest idea of what days people are going to be traveling but I'm hoping they'll be all done by the 8th or so and then we'll leave for Yosemite...barring any other some sort of a repair to my eyes so I can at least see as good as before. So......nothing new to report.


Not a lot to report. The fender for the truck won't be in for 5 to 7 business days so now I don't take it down 'til 7/2. We THINK we're leaving here around the 9th or 10th. I really wouldn't mind staying here but I think it gets REALLY hot in July and August. Besides, we'd much rather go east where it's hot AND humid!!


Well, we’re still here! I had my appointment with the eye doctor and told him how disappointed I was but he said there was nothing else he could do for me. He said the only thing he could offer me was Lasix surgery at the cost of $1,000 per eye. I could only get one eye done but that’s still way out of our budget. Or, he said, I could get glasses. So you can imagine just how discouraged I was when I left there. I didn’t need glasses to see distance before the surgery and now I would need them. What a bummer. But after having a good cry as I was driving along, I got to thinking that I wear sunglasses anyway when I’m driving and I wear glasses anyway when I’m reading or at the computer. The only thing new would be the glasses I’d have to wear while shopping. So, off I went to Walmart where I handed them my prescription, picked out some lenses, and paid for 2 pairs of glasses…sunglasses and regular, both bifocal. They’re due in on July 5.

Of course, geocaching is part of my day and the one day, I came up to a police roadblock along the road I was driving so I followed everyone else as they detoured around the block and when I thought I had found a street that would take me back where I wanted to go, I turned. Ooops, not a good choice for there, at the end of the block was the SWAT team, 2 units of them! Overriding my innate curiosity, I decided the best survival tactic would be to turn around and retreat and hopefully see something about it on the news that evening.

Finally found my way to the cache which was in a library…a nice cool library. Signed the log, traded some trinkets and just sat for awhile, enjoying the cool. On the way out, I visited a very nice metal display. And then it was onward…into the heat of the day…to find another cache.

Another day, I drove down to Boulder City to get our National Parks book stamped. That is really a neat little town and if we come back to Nevada next year, I want to go there and browse around in the cooler weather of winter.

So, I guess that about does it for June. Here we go…into July.

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