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Today we drove over to Bryce Canyon National Park. Passed a farm where buffalo is being raised, pretty neat. When we go north should see more in the wild. It is getting harder to describe what we are seeing, but each park has their own identity. Bryce Canyon is not really a canyon, but a series of amphitheaters, a huge one at that. They are full of colored limestone spires called "Hoodoos" and they are everywhere. Hoodoos are formed when the top layer of rock-cap rock- is harder than the layers below it. We traveled to all the scenic overlooks and at Rainbow Point the elevation was over 9000 feet. Never been that high on earth before. The bold colors off of the rocks are really indescribable. Hiked down the Queens Garden Trail into the amphitheater. GiGi stayed on top with Nixon because dogs are only allowed on paved trails. To see Bryce Canyon you really have to hike down to see the Hoodoos up close. Gives you a different perspective-very, very nice. Hope the pictures will do justice. A side note for Grayce only she will know-Pops saw a bunch of rockets ships today. We leave for Torrey, UT tomorrow for 3-4 days. Until next time.

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