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The sunshine woke us at 6:30 this morning. Well, the combination of daylight and the cool air coming in the open window, along with nature’s call, actually caused us to leave the comfort of our bed.

We considered going outdoors to share our coffee but the 51 degree temperature and the lack of firewood for a campfire influenced us and we remained indoors, with coffee and the fireplace.

We desperately needed to replenish our grocery supply so driving into Canon City was at the top of our “to-do” list today.

Marilyn fixed breakfast and then we took a mile and ½ walk, with some up and down, which caused a bit of “Huff & Puff” on my part.

Back at the RV it was time to get things in order and take off for our drive to Canon City.

We decided to have lunch at “Chili’s” and as usual we ate too much. Marilyn vowed that tonight it was going to be popcorn for dinner.

It was about 1:30 in the afternoon when we arrived back at the RV.

We left Canon City about $200 poorer (Is there such a word?) than when we arrived, but we are well stocked on groceries right now.

With everything put away we sat together just relaxing.

Marilyn went outdoors to sit in a lounge chair and read her book, while I got interested in a War Movie on TV.

We know that a few of our friends will be visiting here during the summer, so I want to strongly suggest to any who plan to come here, make your reservations now! Do not wait!

It is always better to have a reservation and then have to cancel, than to discover that you cannot get a space here when you want to arrive.

I promised yesterday to post some pictures to share with you.

Marilyn took her camera along on our walk this morning and those pictures might be the most interesting to you, so here they are.

Tomorrow we have a day planned with Jesse & Ginger. We will all have a good time together and plan to have lunch at “Pizzeria Rustica“.

Life is Good!

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