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We slept for nine hours last night. Windows were open for most of the night but it got cold and I heard Marilyn close her window sometime during the night.

I turned the fireplace on to take the chill off this morning, but Marilyn still whined a bit about the temperature. Actually it was the temperature of the toilet seat she whined about. LOL

The sun was shining brightly this morning and the temp outdoors was only 41 degrees.

Many people left this morning as their holiday weekend drew to a close.

We watched closely to see when our Site opened up so that we could move to our location for the summer.

We made plans to get with friends, Jim & Ellie, for lunch at an Italian restaurant, on June 5th, .

Jesse & Ginger will join us and a good time for all is forecast.

Marilyn & I moved up the hill to Site #82 and began setting up camp for the summer.

When I began setting up our 10’ x 10’ screened room I discovered that I left the screen portion back in the storage shed on the farm.


Early in the afternoon I grilled some pork patties, sprinkling them with maple jalapeno seasoning which was a gift from Bob & Janet.

Marilyn has the inside of the RV looking like home and I put the patio tarp’s down and then an outdoor rug over that.

We still have a lot to do! It is a bit like moving, trying to get the inside and outside looking the way we want.

I promise to post pictures once we have things all set up.

Jesse came by and gave me a hand with a couple of things. We sat long enough to have a cold beer while he was here.

Around 4:00 I went inside to just sit and relax for awhile. I was worn out and look forward to another great night of sleep.

I had hoped to get our satellite system connected today but it is a holiday and we must wait until tomorrow.

Jesse & Ginger invited us to their place to watch whatever we wanted to watch on TV.

We were torn between “The Bachelorette” or the Mini-Series “Hatfields and McCoys”.

We’ll probably just stay home and read our books.

Life is Good!

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