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Isla Dragonera

Man overboard!

Sunset from Puerto de Soller

Fancy a holiday cottage in the middle of nowhere?

Olive groves on walk above Puerto de Soller

Olive press

Puerto de Soller with Whimbrel anchored nearest camera

We set off about 9.30am and had a lovely sail between Isla Dragonera and San Telmo on the main island but that was the most wind we had all day, probably from the funnelling effect of the hills on either side. We were travelling so slowly at one point that Francis jumped off and swam alongside the boat for a short time. He had to swim quite hard to keep up and luckily the wind didn’t pick up while he was in the water! The highlight of the day was seeing a swordfish, over a metre long, jumping high out of the water several times just ahead of us, glistening silver in the sunshine. What little wind there was was right on the nose so we ended up motoring for a bit and finally arrived in Puerto de Soller at 5.30pm, anchoring in the bay (27 miles in 7 hours 50 minutes). It’s a beautiful circular bay in a lovely setting with hills all round and mountains beyond.

Next day we went ashore early and walked up to one of the lighthouses guarding the entrance and along the headland. True to form, the path petered out (we found out later that it is now privately owned land) and this time we ended up having to do a bit of rock climbing to get back to where we thought the main path was. When we finally got there it was a lovely, if busy, walk winding through olive groves with some massive old, gnarled trees. Jane was just thinking that in the UK some enterprising person would have set up a tea shop on the trail when we came across a mountain ‘refuge’ and had a very welcome stop and drink. It had an old olive press and olive oil making equipment inside – see photo. We discovered later, when we later found a decent 1:25,000 map in the restaurant where we had a very good dinner, that the main trail goes the length of this part of Ibiza through terraces of olive groves and holm oak.

This is such a lovely place with lots of walking, some villages to visit and a train ride away from Palma that we plan to stay here for a few days, especially as there is no wind until Friday.

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