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Last night after posting the journal entry, I checked the weather forecast for both, Oakley and for Colorado Springs.

The forecast for today called for wind from the south at 20 to 40 mph with gusts to 50 mph.

That would be a straight cross-wind for an RV traveling west and a quartering head wind once we turned southwest at Limon, CO.

We are retired and have no urgency other than our desire to be at Mountaindale as soon as possible, so we will remain here at High Plains Campground for one more night.

I called Mountaindale to let them know we were going to stay put for one more day. I spoke with Ginger but she was extremely busy with a room full of customers.

Marilyn wanted to do laundry and I decided that the holding tanks may not hold all of the water from laundry, plus our showers, with what is already in the tanks.

We have not dumped the holding tanks since leaving Hannibal, thinking that we would do that at Mountaindale.

Now that we made a decision to remain another night here in Oakley, and do laundry, take showers, etc, I needed to dump the holding tanks.

I went outdoors and retrieved the sewer hose from the back of the truck, where I carry a plastic tub with all of the sewer related items.

I could see that the sewer hose would not reach far enough, the way I was parked.

Since we were still hooked up to the truck, thinking that we would be here only one night, I decided to simply get in the truck and back up about six feet.

I made sure all of the connected items like the electric power cord, water line and cable TV coax cable, were clear of the tires, raised the jacks and landing gear, and asked Marilyn to come out and keep an eye on things for me.

I noticed that the sunscreen I put in the windshield to protect the interior of the truck from the bright sunshine, was still in place and I had zero visibility out the windshield.

Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the disaster to happen, I’ll stop and tell you simply that everything went just fine. LOL

The tanks are dumped and Marilyn is doing laundry.

In the afternoon we pulled the living room slide in because of the strong winds, and it became much more quiet inside.

The owner of the Campground had a BBQ in the afternoon with delicious food and cold soda and beer. Very nice!

Tomorrow we plan to get a very early start and hope to arrive at Mountaindale around 11:00 AM Mountain Time.

Life is Good!

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