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We decided the best way to get us all to the ship was for me to drop mom and dad with their bags at the Port, then turn in the rental car and take a cab back. That saved us from having to find a taxi big enough to carry all three of us, all our bags, and dad’s scooter. I made a few wrong turns getting to the port and kept getting redirected by Spanish border guards, but they seemed unoffended and helpful enough. The 20 minute drive to the port didn’t take much more than an hour.

I started back to the rental car agency. For those of you who plan to drive in Andulacia, let me just tell you that Spanish streets are fairly unforgiving. If you miss a turn, it could be miles before you find a place to turn around. I began my trip back to the rental car agency. It actually went fairly well. I got honked a few times, but I’m getting used to that. I actually got in sight of the rental car station, but missed the turn off and ended up headed back to the port . . . don’t ask me how. I did get re-oriented and was on guard on my second try. The turn in was a bit tricky, but I managed it. Once I was able to explain to the taxi driver where I was going (Note: a Puerto is not the same as a Puerta), he seemed to have no problem getting me there.

The ship is beautiful. Food is great. Hm. I guess I should take some pictures.

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