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On Friday, we grabbed breakfast at a sidewalk café and drug our bags to the rental car. Breakfast was bread and jam with espresso con leche. The rental car is something between a mini-van and a cargo van. Good thing as dad’s scooter takes up a pretty good bit of room. We find our way to the freeway and headed up to Jerez. I think Dad had wanted to see Jerez because they are famous for the Andalucian horses. Of course, the closest we got to the horses was a couple of statues. We did find a castle left by the Arabs. It was built on the site of a Roman bath, and the Arabs simply incorporated the baths into their own plans. The castle was impressive. It was easily defensible, had ample water supplies, and had even developed a significant irrigation system.

After walking around the Cathedral, we made our way back to the car and drove to the hill top city of Arco. It seems to be the gateway to the Pueblos Blancos, and has the necessary white-washed houses hanging off the side of the road. Dad seemed to think getting me to drive through the impassably narrow streets was a good time. Mom kept telling me to turn around . . . a bit of a problem since I could barely find a way to drive forward.

We were losing daylight, but found a similar town called Octavo. We drove around the normal streets, but dad insisted I drive up to the top of the mountain and the Cathedral.

We arrived back in Magdala with a minimum of scrapes and bruises. It was almost midnight, but we were hungry for dinner. I ended up finding the McDonalds and bringing burgers back to the hotel. I know, very pedestrian.

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