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Self shot on my walk!!

The boys !!

Summer starts here mid June!!!

Gorgeous!!!! Forgot his name, but I danced with him!!!

Vincenzo and Alessandro's brother!

Frisbee in action!!!

Titsiana and Lala....with a peddler who had the finest goods...the guys bought...

Sono perduto! I am lost!

Silly pic....birra in all the wrong places!!!'

Our new purchases from the peddler!!! Wrist Art!!!!

OMG.... I think I am in love!!!! Kidding! Moto young!

Bracelet Sherri gave me.... Now reside on the wrist of a Moto...

Peanuts, pretzels and fava beans and birra!!!! Italian beach fest!! :)

Alessandro.... A very sweet soul with manners of a real gentleman!!!!

Just another day at the beach!!!

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These guys truly know the simple joys of life!!! Singing, hugging, and...

I woke up and had an excellent breakfast: yogurt and cereal, cornette, espresso, cantaloupe, and pineapple! Decided to walk the beach to Montesalvino (8 km)....absolutely beautiful... Mind, body and soul was restored! Lots of thinking, praying, and thanking for this wonderful opportunity! Walked around the city centro, found a spectacular pair of boots (225 euro).... Decided next time! Which by the way, there WILL be a next time! :)...headed back to Pescara after an espresso... Decided to call Alessandro which they had been waiting on my call. They were all at Acapulco beach about 2km from Pescara where I am staying! Found them on the beach: 2 girls I met last night...Titsiana and Lala...and all the boys- Alessandro, Vincenzo, Maximo, Aguilar, and a few others that I can't remember their names! Oh what a blast! Birra and snacks, frisbee, and musico! They are all so thoughtful and generous....every time someone new would come along, I was the first to be introduced with real sincerity! Another lady showed up- Tanya, she teaches Spanish to high school students and her boyfriend is the ambassador for couch surfing in Europe ... We exchanged emails and numbers! About 430 John Carlo (his birthday) and 3 of the crew all born in 1961!!!!!! showed up with his girlfriend and party favors....more people came, which were all so very real and down to earth! Moto bene!!!! Paolo was very cool and gave me numbers and contacts when I go to Cinque Terra!!! The day winded down and we were all to meet at 8pm at the Tumbler Cafe, where we met last night! I have since been informed that the Tumbler is the place to be for locals!!! Yeah!! I walked home to get ready as it was already 6pm! All dolled up looking pretty with my sassy shoes from Positano, I headed downstairs to the bar! They were all there, on time! "Patricia .... Bella!" they all yell! By this time I know most everyone there, including owners! We have some prosecco and special appertvis...warm fresh mozzarella and pani with olio di oliva! Alessandro was working the Brazilian party so he had to leave early! I went with a group to a fantastic pesce restaurant (totally taken care of and watched out for!)...table for 10....the group knowing everyone! Fantistico!!!! Antipasti of clams, cozze, octopus and squid .... Primi of gnocchi pasta, dessert and cafe con sambucca! I met a very nice, and quite interesting! After many laughs and the whole crew being extremely hospitable to me, we headed to a bar across the street! Crowded streets...Friday night and the upcoming soccer tournament on Sunday.... Moto personas!!! Vincenzo guided me to a cab with him to go to the Brazilian party! Mind you, by this time it was 1130pm and I was "on fire" with excitement and energy! We arrived, was escorted in, and my hips/feet started grooving like Jagger!!! Everyone else that I had met, trickled in and the dance floor was a chaotic blast...everyone dancing with each other , by themselves and in parties of 2,3,4..... Marvelous mayhem!!!! We drank, danced, laughed and had a remarkable time!!! I think we left about 5 am!!!! I got to my hotel and the sun was rising!!! OMG!!! I felt invigorated and soooo very thankful of yet another once in a lifetime event with the most outstanding "new friends!!!" I did not bring my camera for the evening events...sorry about that, but would have probably lost it, dropped it or given it away!! :)!!! They were all meeting at the beach tomorrow, and expecting me....not! May see them this eve!!!!! Ciao, and this time...not buona notte but buon giornata!!!!!

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