Di & Terry's Winter Holiday 2012/14 travel blog

What a miserable day.

Cold. The temp got up to 12 degrees at 2.00pm.

It is now back to 10 degrees (4.30pm) and dropping.

And rain to go with it.

I packed up in the rain this morning and unpacked in the rain this afternoon.

If this is winter - I've had enough already.

I thought I'd seen pine plantations before Mt Gambier, but I tell you, you aint seen nothin yet. Cross the border into Vic and they measure them by the square kilometre. (or square 100 kilometres)

As far as the eye can see, it's just pine trees.

There's a mountain of wood chips on the wharf at Portland, where they get loaded and shipped to Japan.

So the only walking we did today was into the maritime display at the Portland visitors centre. Across the road to the bakery for comfort food and into the office for caravan park here.

Too wet and miserable to get out of the car at Port Fairy, but from what we could see, quite a nice fishing port. Lots of boats. Plus from the carpark overlooking the beach, two idiots windsurfing. Emphasis on the wind and on the surfing. CRAZY!!

It was rough.


When we got Mt Gambier the odometer was 87039kms.

When we left this morning, it was 87062kms.

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