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This morning the rest of the group went on a 4-hour "cruise" on the Mediterranean. I opted out of that when Alp said the boat was a little longer and wider than our bus...too small for me! I was getting nauseous just thinking about had 6 hours of free time (a rare commodity on this tour). I got my journaling caught up, got ready and ventured back down to the wharf and the shops we had passed on our walking tour yesterday. Any of you who have traveled with me know that I have no sense of this was a major stretch! Well...I made it there and back...pretty amazing. I only had minor panic attacks a couple of times! Here is my shopping experience...pretty typical of Anytown, Turkey. The shopkeepers sit or stand by the entrances to their stores. Every single one greets you and tries to engage you in conversation and get you to step inside. If you do step inside and begin to look around, someone will bring you a glass cup of tea...usually apple or pomegranate flavor. That keeps you in the store and looking and hopefully feeling obligated to buy something...only worked once with me today because they had a little belly dancing outfit for Kendall...and I had been looking for one. In the candy shops and nut stands, they always offer samples...all of which have been very good. I was mistaken for German more than once today. Must be how I said "hello" or else it looked like I belonged to the shoppers ahead of me?

I ventured out again after sitting in my air conditioned room for awhile...I shouldn't complain but I really don't like heat and humidity. I found a quiet lunch spot right around the corner from the hotel...not much of an adventure..but going in another direction should count for something! Asked for the special of the day: soup (creamed veggie/beef), salad, wild rice, peas/carrots cooked in tomato sauce, and flan. All for around $6. Walked back to the my iPad and went down and sat in the garden under an orange tree and worked on the journal and listened to birds sing and drank coffee so graciously provided by the innkeeper. Again, life is good!

The cruisers arrived back around 4:30. They had a relaxing time enjoying the scenery and blue waters. Wandered the maze of streets in our neighborhood waiting for the uncorking of the free wine (Alp's commission for the large pottery purchase a few days ago). Found a street cafe for dinner...shaved chicken, rice, fries, tomatoes, and salad...reasonable and good...$7. The workers at the restaurants hawk for customers just like the shop keepers...very competitive! Quite entertaining!

Aside: Don't remember if I mentioned this or not but almost all the coffee we have been served has been instant Nescafé...not bad if you use a lot!

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