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Yikes I got a shock when I washed my hair this morning and there was almost nothing there!

Just for something different We decided to head off to Andorra for the day. According to Bill it takes a few hours to get there. We left the apartment and a precious parking spot only to go around the block to find a street market in full swing. Needless to say I insisted on exploring that before we left town. I hobbled off while Fred manoeuvred the Fiat in a very French manner into a tiny space that required one wheel to be perched at a jaunty angle on the pavement. When he came back to find me I'd been cornered by a chatty old man who completely disregarded the fact that I understand about five percent of what he had to say. I did manage to convey that I was not injured in a ski accident but the conversation took on a different slant when Fred arrived and convinced him I fell because I was sozzled. This elicited a very funny mannerism from my new friend  which was something akin to screwing your nose with your hand????

I'm sure had Prue been here we would have cooked up a storm being spoilt for choice with the most wonderful array of produce but being just the two of us we chose instead to fill our new market basket with  picnic goodies for dinner. We have just consumed the most delicious meal including cheeses to dream about and can you believe it - a Roquefort flavoured macaron? Poor mum's mouth was watering when I was telling her about the patisserie options.

Back to Andorra - it took us more than three hours to get there so we can only assume Bill flies on his motorcycle down the motorway. The speed limit is a generous 130kph and a mere 110 if it is raining so it felt like we were flying and I had to remind Fred the cars he was trying to keep up with we're all rather bigger 4WD's and we were in a Mr Bean model. I think he gets spurred on by the manic French radio hosts who seem to talk in a very animated way at a million miles an hour. It seems to leave little opportunity to play music. 

We were surprised no one seemed interested in checking passports even though you pass through an impressive border control building but I guess that apart from cheap fags there is not much contraband available to come out of Andorra.

It was quite different scenery today starting with views of the Canal du Midi and classic avenues of plane trees and a cycle path running alongside the canal and then snow capped mountains and lovely rugged valleys. Once we were over the range the drizzle stopped and the sun shone so we enjoyed lunch outside comfortable in t shirts for a change. I have had to buy two jumpers to keep warm - not at all happy about that.

As far as Andorra goes - we can say 'been there seen that' and we won't be back in a hurry. We were both expecting a quaint old town on a hill top but instead it was wall to wall modern ski vacation accommodation all down the valley to a main strip of shops selling tax free goods. It was absolutely soulless and not helped by the lack of tourist information. Tapas for lunch made a nice change though and we did enjoy the scenery and the chance to see the sunshine as it seems it has been raining all day here and it is forecast to continue until mid week. My toes will be very cold in my daggy sandals. My foot now looks like I've spilt a bottle of blue ink on it but it is feeling better every day.

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