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Elephant Butte Dam

La Mesilla -)Old Town Las Cruces

Did not get up until 7:30 (!) to a clear but cool morning. I think we are averaging about 9 hours of “good” sleep a night despite potty breaks. (We don’t get this in Sonoma). Had some breakfast, broke down camp and drove to take showers.

This is an “administrative” day. We are headed to Las Cruces but want to break up the 375 mile drive. Headed down Hwy 84 through lovely forested mesas. As we neared Santa Fe we found much more of a desert like terrain. Trader Joe’s was right off Route 25 where we had shopped when we visited with the Bagwells. Such a treat to find most everything we wanted in a well defined and familiar store lay out. We have found ourselves walking forever in the “big box “ markets that are common for stores that serve widespread, and low population areas.

We drove south though Albuquerque. I don’t remember all of the “junk” visible from Highway 25 on the outskirts. Travel south on Hwy 25 is pretty desolate and WINDY! Fortunately, I had conference calls for most of the day. Stopped at a rest area that was a boardwalk of covered picnic tables..very interesting. I forgot to take a picture. Had a Trader Joe’s sushi tray for a quick lunch.

We pulled into Elephant Butte State Park which is on the Elephant Lake, the largest in NM. It is a “toasty” 91 degrees but a nice breeze. I finished computer work and Bob read emails. Great connectivity, vista and facilities for $14.

Tonight we are having BBQ ribs (was going to do Asian ribs but I want to read my book) and a salad with “stuff” as Bob and Barry call it for MFB. 2009 Dry Creek zin.

Tomorrow I am not working and we will bike/hike Elephant Lake even though Bob says his ass is sore from the 300 mile drive today! Only a few miles to Las Cruces tomorrow.

Pepper is still weird, standing most of the way today. He did this as a pup when we drove 400 miles from LA. We can’t determine what is different from the first month of travel.

Oh, don’t think we publicly announced that we will drive the rig home to Sonoma in June. We won’t enjoy the drive home as much as we will have the use of it and lack of general hassle in the logistics of flying home.

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