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Marilyn used to get sick every spring when we lived in this part of the country. Her allergies and sinus caused her to suffer through the seasons. I’ll always remember one time when she went to see the Doctor, who is a family friend, and told him that she didn’t care if he had to use dynamite, she wanted her sinus clear so she could breathe normally again.

Now that we travel to different parts of the country most of the year, the only time Marilyn has health problems is when we are back here, in northeast Missouri.

She is pretty miserable, tired, worn out and suffering from allergies.

It is good that we are leaving soon, because she will need a couple of weeks to get well.

Marilyn drove out to Jennifer’s this morning, to help with the packing.

I dragged the air compressor out and aired the tires on the Van, Truck and RV.

It was after I put the compressor away that I remembered I had wanted to air up the air ride system, too.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

I needed a repair on my eyeglasses so I pursued that at Wal-Mart, but they couldn’t help me. I then drove to another place where they made a small repair for me. They wouldn’t even allow me to pay anything.

I dropped off three bags of clothing at Good Will, then found the Blues Hog BBQ Sauce I wanted at the grocery store next door.

One more stop before going back home and that was to have a propane bottle filled.

Things are coming together and we will be ready to depart next Wednesday, headed west toward Colorado.

We hope to see our friends, John & Lori, Sam & Rhonda and Tom & Berni, while we are in Topeka next Wednesday and possibly Thursday.

We will spend the holiday weekend at Mountaindale in Colorado and then celebrate our 50th anniversary a couple of days later, with a dinner train ride through the Royal Gorge.

Tonight we’ll have dinner with friends, Steve & Cathy and Bob & Janet, at a Mexican Restaurant we all like.

Life is Good!

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