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Road side stop

Ax les Thermes

river through town

soaking the feet

Andorra is only 464 sq km, and has a population of around 73000. Tourism accounts for 80% of its GDP, with the ski fields being very popular. Basically there is one road entering from Spain and one entering from France. This is basically the same road and is built up most of the way so it is a slow drive across the town. On exit from the country you can select to go through a 3 km tunnel (toll of course) and avoid the very windy roads.

After entering France we made a random stop for the day at a place called Ax Les Thermes. Proved quite an interesting place. As the name suggests there are thermal springs around the town - about 60 of them and were used by the Romans (who else) for their health properties. There is a pool in the middle of the town and everyone sits around them soaking their feet.

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