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I love this picture. If Lee had a Facebook page, this would...

Rock formations

Looking down at Castle Rock

Wild flowers















Mary Inside an archway



Our Freightliner at Castle Rocks

More wildflowers

Really interesting wildflower



Landscape around the rock formations

Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Oh, the wonderful roadways! I was too scared to take pictures on...

Panoramic Vew of Part of the Area

Our next stop was Castle Rock. It is also on private land and you definitely do not want to drive into this area if it has been raining or might rain while you are there. The roads are just awful and there are huge ruts in the road. At one point our truck was tilted sideways as Lee tried to maneuver around a particularly precarious spot. I think a jeep might have been useful. Actually, I think if we would have just driven to Castle Rock itself, we might not have had so many problems but we wandered around the area above Castle Rock and that was the most treacherous part. You still would not want to be in the area if it was wet because there is an excellent chance you'd end up stuck in the mud and we didn't have any Verizon coverage in the area. Once I got over fearing for our lives on the really bad sections of the road, I started to enjoy the scenery and the rock formations.

It just seems so strange that this formations are just in the middle of a totally flat landscape. This one particularly made us think we were walking around barrier reefs in a dried up ocean. It is also seems like you are totally in the middle of no where when actually the town of Quinter is not that far away!

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