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Bustling Paharganj District

Paharganj 2

Paharganj 3

Share the road... with cows!

Share the road... with an elephant?!

Shopping for bargains

Vendors selling their wares on the street

Yee-haw! Happy Stampede!!!

Saddle up at the bar

Our original plans were to spend a few days sightseeing and meeting up with Hiran, a fellow traveller and friend we met on our felucca trip in Egypt. Though we were all in India at the same time, our paths were only going to cross in Delhi. Unfortunately, the monsoon had other plans. For days before Hiran left for Delhi, it rained continuously, flooding the roads and causing landslides on the route his bus was to take. So it wasn't meant to be this time. He finally made it to Delhi on the morning that we flew out to Hong Kong. :(

We ended up hanging around Delhi, trying to experience as much as we could. We went bargain hunting in the Janpath area, wandered through the market in Parhanganj, and took advantage of the A/C at the glitzy stores in Connaught Place. We also finally had a familiar chicken curry (until now, most of the food we sampled was new to us --mostly South Indian), and to celebrate Stampede, we went to a Tex-Mex/Indian restaurant called Rodeo. All the waiters wore cowboy hats and the seats at the bar were actually leather saddles. Oddly enough, the music was karaoke, sung by two Chinese singers who weren't actually all that bad. None of the songs were Country. Funny.

In the end, after 4 days in Delhi, we were ready to leave. Most tourists only stay in Delhi long enough to see the sights, then they rush off as soon as they can to other destinations. Don't get us wrong, Delhi is a great city and the Delhi-ites we met were friendly and helpful (one guy gave us a ride across town as it was on his way home). However, the amount of badgering by taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, and persistant merchants that follow you for blocks on end started to wear us out.

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