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The western-most Balearic islands

Isla Vedra from Conejera island

Kayak landing spot with Whimbrel mast behine rocks!

Paddling back to Whimbrel from Isla Conejera

Our only neighbour - a curious Audouin gull

San Antonio bay, Ibiza

We woke to fantastic views in our little bay although we were rather closer to shore than we would have been had we anchored in daylight! We walked up to the lighthouse from which you get a great vista across the westernmost islets of the Balearics, Isla Vedra and across the bay to San Antonio. Isla Conejera’s claim to fame is as the birthplace of Hannibal and for its green lizards! It’s so nice to see trees growing after the barren coastline of Spain – here there are lots of misshapen juniper trees. The only company we had all day at our anchorage was an Audouin gull that swam about the boat for ages, probably hoping for some food…

We had to move very quickly in the afternoon when the wind changed direction and started blowing us towards the shore! So, we motored over to San Antonio and anchored there for the night.

San Antonio used to be known for loutish behaviour in English tourists (may still be) but it has a lovely beach and is in a beautiful bay with pine clad hills beyond. We had an excellent paella in the old part of town and found a Lidl to stock up on essentials such as chocolate chip cookies!

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