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starbucks athens

the fish market

the olympic stadium

the gaurds marching around the parliment, this was cool!

a crappy shot of what we saw out our hotel room window

me looking dorky at 7am, athens airport

ditto for chris

i feel like i am sleep walking right now so please excuse spelling and grammer mistakes. we are now both safetly at home, relaxing, and enjoying a hot shower, tiolets that flush, american tv and savoring our in-n-out. we have been traveling somewhere around 23 hours, i think, but you can't keep track with all the time changes.

our last day in athens was rather uneventful. we had breakfast in a little cafe, chris did a lot of shopping, we sent postcards, did shopping for friends and family, ate our last wonderful greek salad, and had dessert in another cafe. we tried to walk to the olympic area but i don't think we ever got there. we saw one stadium that was used in the 1896 olympics and i believe it was used in this one as well?! we also wandered into a fish and meat market... that was the highlight of my day. i love seeing the day to day life of the natives. they were hollaring their prices and pointing to their fish. we saw skinned goat headS with the eyeballs still in the sockets (gross!) it was neat...

i finally saw a starbucks for the first time on the trip. of course we stopped in and they had cranberry bliss bars so i bought one for chris, haha.

now it is back to reality, well, after we get some sleep. it feels nice to be home. we did it. we lived 30 days out of a backpack. so many memories, so many lessons, plenty of laughs. enjoy the last few pictures and if you want to see the other 600 we took (literally) just let us know!

signing off... christopher and annamarie

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