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One of the stone carvings on the walk to the beach

Ziatni Rat or the Golden Cape Beach

The famous beach shot

Pine trees and the beach

No I was not tilting my camera - that's the direction of...

Interesting trees

Pebbles and crystal clear water

I finally did it - made it to the beach and what a beautiful location. To begin with the walk is through pine trees, a different look than palm trees. It is a paved path all the way through but is quite a hike from where I am staying. All along the paved path are beautiful trees and carvings made from the famous stone from the island. You really don't mind the walk. It actually wasn't bad until coming home and having to climb the hill to get back to my place in the heat of the afternoon.

Back to the beach. The water is unbelievably clear. I don't know if I have ever seen water that clear. The location is wonderful as the beach juts out (they say it looks like a tongue and from the aerial shots it does) with beach all the way around. I didn't say sand as it is not a sand beach, it is pebbles which makes it interesting to walk on. The pebbles go out to the water and you sink right in to them. One of the purchases I made yesterday was a pair of water shoes and I was very grateful for them as I don't think my feet would have appreciated the pebbles. The water was definitely refreshing. Certainly not the warm Pacific of the Mexico, Hawaii or the waters of Bali but it was refreshing which was nice because it was hot!!! You rent the chairs and umbrellas or sit on the beach. I'm too old for sitting on the beach so invested in a chair. I figured my room was so cheap, what the heck and it was definitely more comfortable for reading and sleeping.

Unfortunately the weather is suppose to change for the next two days and rain and certainly cooler temperatures. I am just going to hope they are wrong.

This was definitely a laid back day and I really didn't do much else. I was so excited as I had a great mixed salad today. Not sure how they do the olive oil and vinegar for the dressing but oh it was good. Also stopped and bought cherries today. They are so small and not nearly as sweet as good old Bings from the Okanagan.

Time to add some pictures and then maybe start a new book.

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