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May 9, 2012

We found Willow Beach COE Park about 5 miles from the Little Rock airport. It is a beautiful site with large cottonwood trees and LOTS of Orioles, Cardinals, Scarlet Tanagers, Robins, etc. We are on the waterfront and the sight is paved and very level. We are parked between two big rigs– one owned by a Baptist minister and the other owned by a Methodist minister. Even without the Catholic priest I feel we are covered well.

Today is a wonderful day with no clouds and that makes me happy because we are in tornado alley. The temperature is 78 with a slight breeze and the birds are singing to us.

May 10 – We drove into Little Rock for some supplies mainly eggs, lunch meat, bread, and milk. I brought so many canned food and other supplies we don’t need much in the line of supplies for quite some time.

Got pictures of Cyprus trees growing out of Bear Skin Lake. They sure look neat.

May 11 - Today was a very lazy day. Our neighbor, the Baptist minister - Herb and his wife and their neighbors invited us over for hamburgers. What a feast they served and we enjoyed the fellowship with them.

May 12 - This morning we are going to pick up Audrey, my youngest daughter, from the Little Rock airport @ 10:55. It is raining now but the weather man says it will stop soon and then just a few showers the rest of the day. We have plans to go to Toltec Mounds, Marlsgate Plantation, and a few more places near Little Rock today so we are hoping the rain goes away soon.

We have been in the low 50's to 60's every morning and we are sure enjoying the cool weather and the freedom of being full-timers.

Wishes all the mothers in our blog to have have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates,

Hugs from Vicki and Lowell

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