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Last night we drove to a nearby town to watch the Pre-School kids put on a program for parents and family members.

Colby participated well and brought back some memories of his Mother doing the same things, back when she was that age and we were much younger.

I didn’t feel very well yet and tried to stay away from people, including family, as much as possible.

I wanted to visit with Steve’s Parents for awhile but felt bad enough that all I wanted to do, once the program was over, was to drive back home and go to bed.

Marilyn & I both thought we slept well enough but both of us were feeling very tired this morning.

I walked to the Gift Shop to give a tour, even though I would have much rather gone back to bed.

My voice has returned to a large degree and the tour went well.

When I came out of the Cave, Marilyn was sitting at a table talking to a friend from Quincy. Judy was at the Cave with children from the same school I had on the tour I gave.

We received our mail from the Mail Forwarding Service, today.

Some “Phone Call” business followed.

I made a reservation for a special event, for our 50th anniversary on June 2nd, and cancelled a reservation we had at Estes Park, Colorado.

The special event for our anniversary is a Train ride through Royal Gorge, in a Vista-Dome Car, with a Gourmet Dinner served to us.

The dinner is Prime Rib and the ride through the Royal Gorge should be spectacular, so we should have a nice time.

I will write about that when the time comes.

Hitch Itch sure has a hold on Marilyn. She cleaned house today and began getting things in “travel” mode. I guess I am falling behind again and will have to hustle at the last minute to get things ready to leave.

We have some busy days ahead but our time remaining here at Hannibal is growing short.

I am sure glad to have the worst of this strep throat thing behind me.

Perhaps things will be back to normal very soon.

Life is Good!

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