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May 7 to May 9

We moved on Monday, May 7 from Queen City to Arkadelphia, AR to the DeGray Lake Corps of Engineer Park “Caddo Lake”. We spent a few hours searching several COE parks around the lake before we could find a level spot. Gayle and Earl, friends from Escapee’s, joined us for the night. They have a diesel pusher and needed a large and as level a spot as we could find. They are on their way from Sherman, TX to Virginia for their granddaughters college graduation.

Gayle cooked a delicious crockpot meal so when they arrived and after they sat up, we had tender pork chops, potatoes, and onions. As we were driving around looking for the perfect spot, Lowell and I bought fresh homegrown Beefsteak tomatoes from a roadside vendor so we sliced them for dinner and I also brought chocolate pudding for a light dessert. We played the card game Wizard afterwards.

In the morning, we joined them for coffee and a wonderful breakfast that Gayle had prepared. We will try to meet up again in early June in Illinois so we can learn how to put up horseradish. Since neither Lowell nor I know how we thought it might be fun to learn.

Lowell spent the rest of the day reading and playing games and I took a delicious nap and watched another DVD movie. No needlepoint today just resting and being downright lazy.

Our plans for Wednesday are to head for Little Rock, AR and look for a COE park near the airport. Audrey, my youngest daughter, will fly in on Saturday morning and then fly out on Sunday evening. If we find a close park then I won’t have to drive very far.

Stay tuned for more of the latest update from the “new” full-timers. We are really enjoying this lifestyle.

Hugs, Vicki and Lowell

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