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Yve resting on the tube to London

Competition! Give it a title!!

Henry eventually got us to the place near Heathrow where we were to drop off the car. We did mis a few turns so there was a bt of round abouting. Fortunately the firm offered to drive us back to the airport so we could catch the tube into the city.

Yve wanted this in so you could see how tired we were. However it was still a time to see a bit more of London once we had joined Bevan and Jennie in their Earls Court accommodation.

Of course we couldn't be lucky enough to have sunshine continuing!

Jennie and I caught the tube to the city and she did bit of shopping and got a bit damp in the process. On the way back Jennie went through the ticket turnstiles in front of me, and continued on. I was blocked with the message "seek assistance". I could see Jennie disappearing into the distance and there was no-one visible to get assistance from. Then I guessed maybe my Oyster card (public transport card) needed more cash added. Again no-one official near the machines to help. Fortunately a young woman stepped in. Everyone, everywhere we've been, has been very courteous and helpful.

By now Jennie realised I wasn't with her and came back to the turnstiles. `By then I wasn't there so she crossed her fingers and hoped I'd find my way. I did though by a different route then her. Love the tubes, you can go so many ways to the same destination.

In the meantime Mike and Yve had been on the Hop on hop off bus tour, taking a stop at Buckingham Palace. Bevan, family wont be surprised to know, was doing some family research for someone back home.

By evening we were all beat so it was a relatively early night. AFTER the computer session!

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