ARGENTINA ~~ Iguazu Falls, Patagonia (inc. Chile) & Mendoza ~~ January, 2013 travel blog

We are still in the process of planning. It has become very frustrating. Other than one long phone conversation I had with our agent in Buenos Aires, all communication has been via e-mail. Every time we confirm a reservation & make a payment, we need to print out, sign, scan & e-mail documents back to the agent. One form authorizing the specific payment to the hotel,etc., another to the credit card co. authorizing the agency to deduct from our cc. In the middle of this, our cc changed our exp. date & security code. Last night I spent three hours after work, trying to figure out why our cc. rejected submission of domestic airfare bill (Someone put in wrong exp. date) Agent says she gave correct info to airline & airline says they used correct info. Hope to have straightened out this am. Quisiero no mas problemas!! I am making note of this now, as I hope that by the time we are enjoying our wonderful trip, this part will be forgotten. This step-by-step planning has been somewhat of a hassle!

ANOTHER ISSUE is the state of the Argentine economy. Since Frank & I went to Chile & Argentina in Jan 2010, inflation has played havoc with the prices in Argentina. Everything costs more & if you are planning a trip there, especially to Patagonia, be prepared to pay top dollar. It (Patagonia) is a popular place with tourists & the industry there is definitely making the most of it! On related issue, exchange rates are high, and depending on your cc, you may also have to pay a foreign currency conversion fee.

And re: THE DOMESTIC AIRLINES ARRANGEMENTS ~~ Hopefully all will work out in the long run. Aerolineas is notorious for bad service, but our choices are limited. The really bad part is that all our domestic flights have to go through Buenos Aires. This means layovers & the possibility of missed connections. But it is a big country & we are travelling big distances, so I guess it goes with the territory! Just needed to vent. Only one more accommodation (BA's for last night) & all major arrangements will have been made. (Assuming air goes through today!!!)

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