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Another beautiful artist rendition of Southwestern life

Mo husband/wife team designed and crafted necklace for me

Notice the gemstone is BLUE for Colon cancer

Somewhere around Fort Pickett


Nest building on the shed @ mtn house

Look closely for building material in her mouth

Somewhere around Fort Pickett



Mother's Day fruit, brie, cookies, & candy box from Japan

Mama & Julia walking on the grounds of assisted living

Jacob entertaining us wearing my hat in Mama's room

I am happy to be able to write this journal of mundane activity. Every week we take a road trip somewhere and everyday we go out. The hospital for daily shots, every other week for an infusion, and then the doctors' appointments and any testing required keeps us busy and confined. Now the regime gives me five days every other week free time-hallelujah! Really, there are no complaints as I'm doing very well. With this chemo drug I have a plethora of side nuances which I accept and move on.

The mountain house now has a fresh coat of outside paint. The trip was not with out a few negatives. The most painful to his body was the hard fall he took on the wet back porch complete with blood, bruising and extreme pain. The next most painful was the expenditure of money- plumber for 5 hrs and a new Stihl weed eater. Other minor incidents such as reworking the lawn mower carbeurator only added fuel to the fire.

We must remove the items we want(ugh-quite an undertaking); the rest stays with the house. It has served us well. Many happy memories were made there. It is time to move on to the coach. Speaking of which-in the next two months we anticipate moving out of Bosley and into the coach(ugh-another big progect). There is a very nice lawyer and her little girl who may be moving in here.

As I was sitting on the back porch of the mountain house, a lovely little bird was busy building a nest. Can you see the nest material in her mouth? It seems as if the birds have been melodious this year. About 5:30 AM one hears volumes of chirping and in different tones. This year I notice they are swooping around everywhere. Very pleasant to my soul!

Mother's Day week-end was a treat both days. An FTD delivery from Japan on Saturday was quite a surprise. Corky's children are generous and loving. Saturday Amy and Jacob, my sister, Corky & I joined my mother for a brunch/luncheon at Woodland Terrace. They served a variety of delicious dishes. You know we all ate until the belt notch had to be moved! When we were young, one the things my mom would make is homemade pimento cheese. Her mother's day request was for some. That was an easy present for me to make. She if rationing it out to last as long as possible! Sunday took us to Mary Ellen and Trent's shish kabob on the grill. Oh, so good. Followed by homemade New York cheesecake. The girl's had painted flower pots for me. Uniquely, Mary Ellen gave me a bracelet and necklace symbolizing the healing powers of certain crystals. It was unique as I go to a healing touch session once a month where these crystals play a significant part in the healing process. If you are like me, I wasn't familiar with Healing Touch. It is done in the hospital by an RN only. Look it up on line for a better explanation.

Now it is time to escape the confines of the house. Everyone have a wonderful day.

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