Anne & Graeme 2012 Travels travel blog

M&G Engineering 7 miles north of Athens Texas - West of Dallas...

Everthing is done inside, its and air assist system that takes air...

2 guys on the car - took about 2 hours for 2...

Just a stopover here for 2 hours while we get a brake solution for the Honda. There is now a link between the Motorhome brakes and the car that when the MH brakes are activated the brakes on the Honda are applied also.

We had a part for the broken toilet sent here and need to pick that up as well - unfortunately the secretary didn't get the message and returned it to the post office so now we will have to have that sent to another destination on our travels. Don't worry the toilet still works Graeme rigged up a sprayer solution so we can still use the toilet.

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