Our Family Adventure in Panama travel blog

Off to the boat that will take us to the island

The boat was just like the one we used to explore the...

After about an hour we reached our island

The boys ran off immediately to see what was on the other...

They found coconuts

The coconuts had milk in them!

Anne in her new bathing suit

A coconut hat

Chris set out a delicious lunch

They were in the water most of the day





Tom kayaked


More lunch

A cave on the other side of the island

The other side of the island was a surfer's dream

That night we ate at the "Rock"

Next morning and the whitewater rafting adventure

Getting ready

Off we go!

The waves rolled over the raft. Be sure to watch the video.


There were two rafts in out flotilla.

We stopped for an early lunch at a quiet spot.

What a spread. You must think we eat all the time!

Hungry boys

Playing in the river with the kids from the other boat

A cool spot

Good fun!

Our "shotgun" kayaker who accompanied us for safety.

More rapids

Big rapids!

Final destination.

More water play.

Swimming alongside the raft.

Back at our hotel that night

Just relaxing

Incredible dessert

A mighty pork chop

Eye opening lemon pie

Our farewell dinner by the fireplace


The boys will miss Chris

They presented Chris with his gratuity.


We had a lovely stay here.

Early in the morning we rose to fly back to Panama City

Boarding the plane

The three buddies


The canal

Off the plane to Panama City

Our group picture

The last hotel - Country Inn & Suites

Right on the Panama Canal

Another pool for the "water world" boys




Tom watches


Oh, yes another dinner


Two tired kids

The panama Canal bridge

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Part 1 Whitewater Rafting

(MP4 - 38.29 MB)

Part 2 Whitewater Rafting

Thursday, April 19

This was the day at the beach, except that the beach was on an uninhabited tropical island in the Gulf of Chriqui on the Pacific side of Panama. It was a long drive, and then a long boat ride in a boat similar to the one we were in on the Canal. The place was gorgeous - a real tropical paradise!. They brought a big lunch, set it up on a table, had plenty of soft drinks, as well as chairs, kayaks, and snorkel gear. The water was not very clear that day because of the surf, but the kids were in and out of the water all the time, and did a lot of beachcombing. It was a wonderful day. We ate at the "Rock" restaurant for variety tonight.

Friday, April 20

Now we went white-water rafting on a Level 2 and 3 river, with great rapids and lots of calm areas. The kids were allowed to jump out in the calm area, and everyone paddled. Halfway through, we pulled ashore and had an early lunch before continuing on to the endpoint. The afternoon was a bit rainy, but Chris took the boys to a local botanical garden and then to a cafe for a snack, giving us grandparents a break. Our last dinner all together was that night at the inn but at the open roaring fireplace for a change. Wonderful!

Saturday, April 21

A short flight bought is back to Panama City by 10:00am, where we sadly said goodbye to Chris, and took a cab to the Country Inn and Suites on the Canal, with a nice pool. Delta Airlines has one flight a day, at 8:20am, and we had to wait until the next morning for it.

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