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And he can see!!

Our new sliding pantry shelves


Well, today was Bob's last day at rehab BUT....his coach suggested he stay on for another month!! Oh my. So, it looks like we'll be here 'til the middle of June . Well, that's okay. Gives me a chance to have my cataracts removed and Bob to get his eyes examined and get new glasses. More geocaching, too! And as long as the temps stay in the 80's and low 90's, we'll be okay. I don't mind the heat during the day but I surely like it cool to sleep at night.


Not a lot of news lately. Been out doing some geocaching on the nice days but I think that's over for now since the temps are now into the 90's and are close to hitting 100 sometime during next week.

Bob's been going to rehab 3x a week and his shoulder seems to be getting better but now he says his right shoulder (uninjured one) is aching. That one is arthritis, I think.

Today we went to the Sante Fe Station Casino after his rehab for their lunch buffet. Very good indeed. We had to get a "Boarding Pass" (free) to get the special buffet price but that's also good for chances on the Cadillac and prize monies and other prizes awarded each day during the special thing they have going right now. Afterwards, we played the slots for a very short while. Bob won a grand total of $4 and I broke even. I've got to get with Brenda and see how I'm supposed to play the slots...which way gives you more chances of winning. She tends to win rather often.

I took Nellie and Taco for a walk around the campground this evening once it had cooled down a bit. Nellie really enjoys those walks and she's pretty good about keeping walking if Taco's along. When you take her out by herself, it's walk 3 steps, stop and look all around for a couple of minutes then walk 3 more steps, stop, sit down, look around, etc. Heaven forbid that we should hear some noise because that takes at least a 3 minute sitting investigation! Funny little cat.


Yesterday, Bunk come over and replace the stationary shelves in our very tiny pantry with shelves that slide all the way out. How neat this is!! The pantry was about 11" wide and 28" deep and stuff would get lost way in the back...never to be seen again...until we cleaned it all out to work on it and voila! We found stuff we didn't even know we had!! So anyway, we did lose about 3" in width with the new drawers BUT they slide all the way out so nothing will be "invisible" again. There was also about 2' of "dead space" above the cabinet so he took the front paneling off that and now we have a shelf up there, too. I still have stuff left over that I need to find room for but I think I can fit that into another closet until we sort out the "unnecessaries" in the pantry.


Gee, we sure haven't been doing very much lately, have we? I mean, no new sights to see and report on; no new geology/history/whatever lessons; no new experiences.

Well, one thing we have experienced, although it's not really new, is the 100+ degree heat that has descended on Las Vegas. Our air conditioner has been going full tilt for the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't cost as much to run as the heater, for sure!

We did go get our eyes completely checked by the opthamologist that did Bunk's lasik surgery (not a Walmart special) and we're both now scheduled for cataract surgery on the 24th and the 31st. Bunk or Brenda will be our "taxi" for those days so we're all set. I think Bob's going to notice a HUGE difference in how well he can see because he hasn't gotten new glasses in years and they think he'll be able to do without glasses completely (except reading glasses) after his surgery. I just hope to be able to see to drive better at night.

Oh, I got myself a Dremel tool!! This is the neatest little thing! I want it mostly for my jewelry making ... to drill holes in the stones and stuff we find ... but the other day I used it with a routing bit to round off the sharp edges on Sam's tree stand. Pretty much fun! We already have a Roto-Drill but it's too big for my hands so difficult for me to do "close work"...and I think it'd be too powerful to be drilling stones and gems.

Wasn't the Preakness exciting today? I just wish I'll Have Another's jockey wouldn't wait quite so long to make his move. I mean, had that race been 10 yards shorter, he wouldn't have won. I'm just glad to see no horses got hurt or pulled up during the race. It would be nice to see a Triple Crown winner, wouldn't it? I fear, however, there are a lot of fresh horses going to New York for that race so it might not be as easy for I'll Have Another in 3 weeks. Just have to wait and see.

Oh, if you happen to catch a Hoveround (the motorized wheelchairs) commercial, Bob's brother, Wayne, is in them. In fact, if you want, you can see his story on the Hoveround webpage. The other stories are pretty heartwarming, too.

I've been busy trying to figure out what route we want to take when we leave here. I THINK we're going to go south on I-15 into California then spend the first night or two in Mojave. Then we're heading north to the Yosemite National Park where we'll meet Bunk and Brenday for a day or two of sightseeing there. Then it will be on to Reno where we'll see the land they bought for when they retire the second time then Goodbye to them and on to Oregon and Washington and then maybe into Canada for the trip east...or we'll just head east on I-80. I don't know but there is some traveling into different territory in our and we. I'm just having trouble trying to decide whether to go up along the east side or the west side of the mountains. Both routes have pros and cons and I just seem to be in such a turmoil over this decision.


So, the turmoil over the mountains (the descent, at least) will be over in a week or so. We have decided to tap into what savings are left and get an exhaust brake installed. That will most certainly help going down the mountains...and everyone has told me our truck should have no trouble going UP the mountains so......we shall see. I really would like to off-load some stuff that we very seldom, if ever, use and get the Ti a little lighter. Will try to work on that when the weather is a tad cooler.

The eclipse this past Sunday!! I wondered why the people on the east coast wouldn't be able to see the eclipse. Duh, Penny. 'Cause it will be dark by then!! Oh well, sad for them but we got to see it. We had gone up to swipe our card at the Casino and then I have gotten into the habit of playing a little roulette (48/52 chance of winning) and I this time I won a whopping $14 so we decided to stop for dinner on the way home. We were at the restaurant during the eclipse and as it got darker, I went outside to watch. Now, of course, the sun's too bright to look directly at it so I tried taking a picture of it but that didn't work BUT there was a lady there with a welder's mask and we all got to peek through that. Really neat!! She had borrowed it from her neighbor and was letting everyone look at the eclipse through that. Bob came out and he, too, got to see. Fun time, really. Oh, and dinner was most excellent.


Today is right-eye surgery day. Bunk picked us up and we were in, registered, prepped, operated on, and out within 2 hours! Very nice people there and the surgery was a piece of cake. I was awake the whole time (eye drops numbed the eye) and got to see such beautiful wavy colors (like looking through water) and pretty little squares. Unfortunately, I did feel a bit nauseous on the way home and Bunk was a little worried for his car but we had a plastic bag handy, just in case. Other than the nausea, neither of us had any after effects other than a left-over sleepiness.


When Brenda bought Bunk his Q7 Audi for Christmas, they entered into the dealer's Audi golf tournament. Well, they played in that tournament today...and they won!! So now they get a all-expense paid air trip to play in the national Audi tournament at Pebble Beach Golf Resort in California! How neat is that? And the winner of THAT gets to play in SOUTH AFRICA!! What a blast of a trip THAT would be!! They don't expect to win the national tournament but they're tickled they won the local one.


Today was an absolutely beautiful day with temps in the 80's. I had to run to Wal-Mart for something so I figured I'd stop on the way to see if I could find a geocache that Bunk searched for but couldn't find. And I DID find it! Chalk one up for Penny! As I was walking back to my truck, up drives my son. So I watched while he searched...and found it...and then we decided it was so nice, we'd go search for more. Parked the truck at Wal-Mart and off we went. Had a really nice time and found 5 caches. Brenda had been at a seminar all week and unfortunately caught some bug while there so she was home napping and Bob was home watching TV so it was just the two of us.


Bunk, Brenda and I started early (about 10:30 a.m.) today and put in a full day of geocaching while Bob watched the Indy and NASCAR races. We found some very neatly hidden caches and had a good time. Brenda's still having some problems with her breathing and has a cough every now and then but she says she feels much better than she did Friday which is good 'cause we did a lot of desert hiking searching for the 7 caches we found together and 9 I had previously found and they found today!

Bob and I are still taking drops for our eye so I took mine along so I wouldn't miss them like I did yesterday. I've got my phone alarm set for every 2 hours and then I call Bob and tell him to take his, too. We'll be taking these drops for 42 days!!!


Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends...maybe a picnic...or a parade. I also hope you spent some time thanking those who gave their lives for our country and honor the ones that are still fighting.

We didn't do much today...just spent the day relaxing. Had we been on the east coast, we would have gone to Arlington National Cemetery to visit my older brother's grave.

Bob has noticed that he no longer needs to wear his glasses since the cataract surgery!! This is so absolutely fantastic because he's worn them all his life. He can see stuff he's never seen before or just saw in a blur. I am so tickled for him. Just wait 'til his left eye gets done! His eyes have been reborn, LOL.


The truck brakes have been rubbing a little when I've come to a stop the last 2 or 3 days so off I went to have them checked. Oh my, fronts need replacing down to the drum; rears only need shoes. The brake guy said the front calipers have been holding the brakes lightly against whatever they hold them against even when I'm not applying pressure. I wonder if that will account for the bad mileage I got at the last gas fill-up.

Anyway, got a quote of $1299 for both front and rear. Called Bob who felt it was pretty steep; called my brother who thought it was pretty steep; called Bunk who said it sounded pretty normal since I needed new rotors. So, drove over to Midas to get an estimate from them but their heavy duty lift wasn't working and wouldn't be for a couple of days so back to Just Brakes and told them to do it. There's no way I want to be driving around here with rubbing brakes so.....dropped it at Just Brakes and got a ride home.

Bunk and Brenda picked the truck up and brought it over to the house when they got off work.


Last day of May...and time to get the left cataract done. I told the anesthesiologist-of-the-day about my nausea the last time so he gave me something after the surgery and it was great. Didn't feel sick at all. Obviously Bunk was quite happy about that but I had taken my own plastic bag along, just in case. Another easy surgery but I didn't get to see any colors or anything and I don't remember anything so I got gypped this time. Guess the anesthisiologist used a bit too much whatever it is that they use this time.

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