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We awoke several times during the night due to a series of thunderstorms moving through the area.

At one point I’m sure I heard hail on the roof.

We rolled out of bed at 6:00 this morning and sat together with our coffee, talking about the fact that hitch-itch has set in on us.

I’m sure the nearly constant rain for the past week or so has something to do with it.

Our plans right now are a bit up in the air but we hope to leave around the 20th of this month.

The site we occupy here at the campground has been rented to someone else for the Memorial Day weekend so we must move at the very least.

In any case it won’t be long before we will be back on the road.

We hope to be able to help our kids get moved before we leave.

The folks here at the Cave are giving me all of the work I need, leading tours of the Caves.

They have me helping out at least five days per week.

I don’t mind because the past two years we have done very little and these good folks have insisted that we continue to come back and stay here.

This is so convenient for seeing family. It really is the best place for us to stay when we are in this area.

It is a pleasure to help out and I enjoy it.

Today I led three tours and they were all fun. All were school groups but the last one had ticket holders from Quincy, Il.

They were nice folks.

The rain stopped in the afternoon and the sun actually made an appearance briefly.

The immediate result was a hot, steamy, sauna like atmosphere.

Marilyn asked me to go outside to the patio with a glass of wine and sit together. I joined her as she set up the lawn furniture.

We were surprised to discover that the weather had turned off really nice. The skies cleared, the temperature fell to the upper 70’s and the humidity sank to a more reasonable level. I steady, soft breeze contributed to the comfort level.

All in all, it was a very nice day.

Sitting outdoors in beautiful weather, in the company of a person you love, with a cold drink in your hand.

Oh yeah, Life is Good!

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