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So let’s start toward the beginning, with the Tour du Canada organization. This will be quick and breezy but check them out at

The Tour du Canada has been doing cross country rides since 1988. They’ve got the route down. It’s up to the riders to get from A to B. In this case it is to go from Vancouver to St. John’s NFLD. Along the way the participants stay in campgrounds and cook their own food. Except for what the riders want to carry for the day, all gear is transported for them by truck.

There will be 59 days of riding. Daily average will be around 130 km plus what ever side trips one does to get ice cream or coffee. By the time Signal Hill is traversed in St. John’s, riders will have at least an extra 7,630 K on their cycle computer.

The ride goes through all ten provinces. Riders are from all parts of Canada and there are international riders who enlist also. The ages of the riders are young and old and not many in between. It is similar to travelling in far off corners of the world. There are a lot of 20 somethings just out of college and not on the career path yet, and there are a lot of 50 somethings who can take time off from their career or have given up on work completely. Not many in betweens.

There will be eleven rest days for one to philosophize about what he or she is doing. Actually that usually gets done on the bike when the riding isn’t going so well. Why? Why? Why?

The truck also carries the cooking gear. The group of riders is broken into subgroups and that subgroup is responsible for cooking one evening meal and one morning meal, for everyone. Then they sit back and relax until it is their turn again. The drivers of the truck are responsible for getting the ingredients. And getting to the campground before the riders do.

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