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I have to tell you about yesterday since I only wrote RV stuff in the blog.

It rained all day, sometimes quite heavy, so the only time we got out was to attend Mass.

Well, I did get outside once more, during a brief respite in the downpour late in the afternoon.

I carried the trash to the dumpster and then dumped our holding tanks.

By the time I returned inside it was raining again.

I cleaned up, then began cooking a bacon, onion and cabbage dish which turned out pretty good. I made a few mistakes but will continue to “tweek” the recipe until it is good enough to share with you dear readers.

Kara, Bob & Janet’s daughter, had given us a jar of home-made salsa and we wanted to try it on the tilapia, so last evening Marilyn fixed tilapia and served it with that salsa on top of the fish.

It was outstanding! Really delicious! Thank you Kara!

Applesauce and my cabbage dish completed the meal.

This morning we acted lazy, sitting around in PJ’s with a cup of cappuccino and soft music.

My schedule called for me to go off to the cave at 10:00, so I dressed in my “Cave Man Suit” and drove to the Gift Shop.

They had me scheduled for three tours and they were all good.

The second tour had several relatives of close friends of ours.

Chris and his daughter, Andrea, are the son and the granddaughter of Mark & Leanne, who have been friends of ours for many years.

It was a pleasure to have them on the tour.

I returned to the RV a bit after 2:00 in the afternoon and was surprised to see that Marilyn was gone.

I called her on my cell phone and she informed me that she was at the medical clinic with Jennifer and Colby.

There has been a rough stomach virus going around and I guess it was the little guys turn.

I drove to the clinic, arriving in time to hug & kiss Jennifer and Lauren. I held off on Colby but will give him the same treatment when he is well.

Marilyn & I drove to Walmart to shop for groceries, then returned home to put things away and have a bite of dinner.

I was really hungry having eaten nothing since early this morning.

It has been a pretty good day, except for the worry about a sick grandchild.

Tomorrow is another day and we know that Life is Good!

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