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Me with Agung (Left) and Mahday

4.11.12- Becoming the Student

- Went to Agung this morning and went through the process to become “his student” (which just means he would tell me some secrets about meditating and how to harness the body's energy)

- There was a big basket of fruit, cakes, rice, and other foods that was my offering to the gods so I could be cleansed. We went though the whole chanting process and getting blessed with holy water that I've already done every time I've been here. Then Agung went about cleansing my three important chakras (heart, lung and liver).

- Agung gave me a notebook with different mantras and instructions on how to make holy water and which mantras to say at what time.

- It's a little hard to imagine doing what he was telling me to do. There is a lot of different mantras to prepare the water and then harness the energy. It's a little outside the realm of what I believe in so maybe that's why it seems unlikely that I will do it. I don't know what I was expecting.

4.12.12- Back to Sanur

- Booked the bus from Ubud to Sanur at 10 am. I waited at the ticket place and as it passed 10 am I kept asking the woman “are you sure they are picking me up?” She even called the bus company and said they were on their way but had to pick other people up first. At 10:40 she hands me the phone and its the bus company saying they already left and I'd have to take the next bus at 12:30. I really didn't want to wait outside in the heat for another 2 hours and was almost in tears when they told me that. I demanded that they find a way to get me to Sanur but he said there was no way because the bus already left. Finally the woman who I bought my ticket from told me that she could get a motorbike to take me right away and it would only take about 30 minutes.

- I did end up in Sanur earlier than I would have on the bus and he to right to my hostel so it turned out okay. It was really hot but being on the bike the wind made it feel cooler.

- Immediately put my bags down and was heading out to lunch and then the beach when a girl (Dianna) who was sitting at the table at the hostel looked up and just invited herself to come with me. Initially I was a little irritated because I was tired and wanted to be alone, but she turned out to be pretty good company.

- We got lunch, laid on the beach and hung out in the hostel in the early evening. Ended up going out to dinner together also.

4.13.12- Relaxing day in Sanur

- Relaxed on the beach in the morning. I was laying on the beach chairs in front of one of the resorts because that's where we went yesterday to lay on the beach. This time one of the workers came over to me and asked which room I was staying in because only guests were allowed to use the lounge chairs on the beach. I give him my best puppy dog eyes and said I only had one more day left in Sanur and just wanted to lay on the beach. So he said I could stay just for today.

- In the afternoon went dress shopping and bought some books at the big store here.

- Watched Girl with the Dragon tattoo back at the hostel then had a late dinner

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