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Some of the RV folks lay out plans far in advance for travels, things they will see and do, places they will stay, etc.

Other RV folks are more casual and relaxed about their travels, deciding at the last minute which direction to go, with no specific agenda in mind.

Still others may have a goal in mind, perhaps a work camping gig at a particular location, etc, but no set agenda on routes to travel, where to stay, or things to see along the way.

They may decide where to spend the night when they see an interesting place, or even spend the night in a Walmart parking lot, truck stop, or other convenient spot.

One of the neat things about this RV lifestyle is that everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to do things.

I’m afraid that I am one of those folks who is more comfortable if I know where I am going, when I’ll be there, and what to expect along the way.

I will also admit though, that some of our most wonderful memories are of places we happened to see and visit, which were spontaneous and not already part of the plan.

I no longer worry much about things, and take changes in route, delays, etc, just fine. I do still plan things out however. I plan dates for being in certain locations, routes, things to see along the way, where we will stay, etc.

I try to plan travel days that are shorter than six hours long, stays that are at least two nights if there is anything interesting to see, routes that take us to or through places we would like to visit, and even good places to eat if we know of, or hear of, a place that sounds good.

We had planned to spend our 50th anniversary in June at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Canyon is probably our most favorite place in the entire world and we have been there 17 times in the past.

We made a reservation at Grand Canyon Trailer Village and were excited about the trip.

Then we decided to spend next winter in Arizona. That changed our plans because we didn’t want to make two round trips to Arizona in such a short time.

We scrubbed the reservations at the Grand Canyon and made a reservation for next winter at Gold Canyon, east of Apache Junction, Arizona.

Then we decided to spend our anniversary in Estes Park, Colorado, which is another of our favorite places to visit.

Reservations are made at a special place we love to stay.

Of course our plans may change based on events going on in our lives. That is always a reality.

So we must wait to see what happens as the time for departure nears.

Of course we have many plans already made, dates for departure and arrival, routes, things to see along the way, etc.

I’m working on being more casual about things! Honest! I’m trying!

Life is Good!

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