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Sunshine Skyline Bridge



Air boat at the state park

Great White Egret

The other boat




Look for the little one in the water lilies

Lily pad blooming

Bald eagle taking flight

Osprey nest on a power line

Little Blue Heron

Canopy Walk

Looking down on the walk

View from the tower

The tower

The walk between the towers

It was a very long day. Up fairly early, because Clark wanted to go back to the farmers' market in St. Petersburg. We also decided we'd like to get a view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We'd heard so much about it and what a marvel it is, so that was another good excuse to go to St. Petersburg. As we saw it in the distance, I was reminded of the story the woman at the stallion farm told about her father. He had a visitor from Europe and was showing him around the area. He took the visitor to some building, in Tampa, and the guest asked how long it took to build. Her father said, "Two years." The guest said, "In my country, we could have done it in one year." The father then took him to the Ringling mansion and, when asked how long it took to build, he said, "One year." Guest said, "In my country, we could have built it in six months." The father got to where he would answer, "I don't know," when asked how long something took to build. When he took his visitor to see the bridge (and it is an sight to behold), he was asked how long it took to build. The father replied, "I don't know. It wasn't there yesterday."

We had a good visit at the farmer's market and that didn't take very long. It has a great location right downtown and we were back on I-275 in no time at all after finishing our shopping.

It was about an hour's drive to the Myakka River State Park. One of the things we wanted to do was take an air boat ride around the lake. We went directly to that concession and were in time to take the next boat tour and they had room. We did have time for a bathroom break before boarding the boat. Our guide, Ken, did an excellent job. The tour was about an hour long and we saw it all, I think. Lots and lots of alligators were in the water. He had good information to give us and we learned a lot about alligators. We learned more about the anhinga bird. We did see a wild pig and Ken pointed out the damage that they do to the land. The treat was seeing a bald eagle. We got back from the boat tour and had lunch. Clark was braver than I and had alligator stew, while I had chicken strips. He said the alligator tasted like chicken. Then, we went on a tram tour, which took us to the inland parts of the park. Our guide, Terri, was so good and it was obvious she loves her job. We saw more pig damage. Not a huge amount of wildlife, but got good information and history. After the tram tour, we went to the Canopy Walk, which was a treat. I'm sure it's nothing like the canopy walks in the rain forests of the tropics, but it was fun. We climbed to the top of the tower, which gave us an overlook of the whole area. We then headed toward the boardwalk into the marshes, called Birdwalk. The rain started, so that was cut short and we headed home. We drove through a deluge, but it was short and then we were in the clear until we drove in the RV park. Our day was just shy of 200 miles.

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