Cameron driving around the campground


Cameron putting Silly String on Bobby & Liz's handle :-)

Cameron's cartoon man cave :-)

Last one!

Today was our special fun day with Cameron. He got to spend the night and do whatever he wanted.

He chose to have chicken nuggets, tater tots and a strawberry shake at Sonic before doing some much needed shopping for toys at Walmart.

He also got to drive when we reached the campground, he took us through the round about three times. :-)

Bobby and Liz were not at home, so he played a cool trick on them. He put Silly Strings all over the handle of their coach.

After playing a lot of outside games plus Wii games it was time to retire to his cave and watch all the cartoons he wanted to. I think he had a great time, he is asking to stay again tomorrow. :-)

We certainly enjoy every minute we get to spend with our awesome grandkids. We all had a wonderful time.

Check back later for more from Las Vegas.

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