Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Penny in the conservatory at the Bellagio

Bob in front of the hyacinths

Pretty scenery

Large wooden shoes

BIG bees and flowers

A "living" picture...all made with plants

About the picture


Another pretty

Penny, Bob and The Swan

Here comes the tram

Out the front window of the tram

Huge coke bottle with elevators inside

New York, New York


There were memorials like this from all over the country all along...

Bob in the "tunnel" at the Mandalay Bay Shark Tank

Shark swimming over a sawtooth shark lying in the sand

This was a very big starfish

And this octopus was his neighbor

Let's see....what did April bring? Well, it surely didn't bring April showers but the flowers surely don't seem to mind the temps because they're blooming all over the place and the trees are getting their leaves and the few birds out here are singing their hearts out in celebration of Spring. There are two little wrens who sit on the tree next to the Ti every morning and the female just chatters and chatters. I watched them one morning and every so often, the male will turn towards her and close her beak!! Funny as heck. Finally he gets tired of all her complaining and he flies to the next tree. Just like a guy...

Bob started physical rehab this month...3 days a week for an hour each day for 4 weeks so now we're here 'til the middle of May.

Bunk came over and took some measurements for the "pantry". This cabinet is narrow and 28" deep with stationary shelves so there is stuff in the back of those cabinets that we don't even know we have. He's going to make me sliding shelves so, although they'll have to be narrower due to the slider rails, we'll be able to pull them all the way out and actually properly use the whole length. He's also making me a 4th spice drawer.

When that tire on blew off on the way east, it also really damaged our fender so I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new one. It arrived and Bunk and Bob spent about an hour putting that on. It really looks pretty least a lot better than the taped up one we had before.

The lady next door is really a multi-faceted craft lady. She wire-wraps gemstones; paints; makes butterflies; arranges flowers, etc. So I spent an hour or so over there one day learning how to make butterflies. Then she told me about a really neat gemstone and jewelry store so that was a stop for Bob and I one day. And wow, do they have the gemstones. I bought some wire and a couple of tools I don't have yet then we stopped at a Home Depot where I got a Dremel drill holes in some of the stones. Came home and made myself a couple of rings but not quite ready to drill the stones. I have to think about that for a couple of days. I did test the drill, though, and cut some of the dividers out of one of my jewelry supply storage boxes so my pliers and cutters, etc. will fit in there. Works fine.

Today(the 27th), while Bob was at rehab, I ran over to Michael's to get some wire cutters then I picked him up and we stopped at the cleaners to get 4 of my long skirts that they had added pockets to.

Then off we went down to the Strip for a bit of sightseeing. Oh my aching feet!! We parked at the Bellagio and visited their Conservatory that was absolutely filled with flowers for Spring. It was beautiful. Then hike through the casino, up the stairs and board the tram to the Monte Carlo. There we hiked through that casino (stopping for lunch along the way), around New York-New York, around the Statue of Liberty (there was a beautiful memorial to 9/11 along there) and up into the Excalibur where we got another tram to Mandalay Bay where we visited the Shark Tank. Some really neat fishes in there along with beautiful skates and some sting rays and the obligatory sharks; there were huge jellyfish and a beautiful octopus. The sharks weren't really big but it was still neat. There were two "water tunnels" where the fish swim right over you. Spent around an hour in there and then it was hike, tram, hike, tram, hike back to the Bellagio to head home. Spent about 4 hours there today and we're both pooped...especially the feet! We'll sleep well tonight! On the way home, we stopped to watch the plane activity at the McCarran Airport...mostly Southwest but with British Airways. Delta,and United thrown in for a change. We'll return another day and do the north end of The Strip.


Bunk, Brenda and I went out geocaching today. I guess we were out there about 3 hours and found lots of neat, very well-hidden caches in the desert. One of them was a bison tube (a small tube about 2" long with a top; you can see them in pharmacies where they call them "pill tubes") hung about 25' above us on an approximately 50' line stretched between two old telephone/electric poles. The cache name was Mr. Bison Goes Fishing. Well, our GPS units took us to a gully but when we were in the gully, they'd say it was on the bank. So up the bank we'd go and then the compass would point back into the gully!! Back and forth, up and down, round and round we went. Finally Brenda started naming off things you need to go fishing (in the title)...bait (we checked all the cans in the area), hooks (none here), pole...AHA! Bunk figured maybe the coordinates were a bit off and went to one of the poles about 25' from where we were...looked back at us...and saw the fishing line above us shining in the sun!! Very good hide indeed!! By untying the line at the base of the pole and letting it slip through a screw eye near the top, he could lower it enough so Brenda and I could reach the tube. That was a fun find!

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