Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog


Signing in at the train station

Engine #35

You can see the 2-8-2 wheel configuration

Bunk & Penny

The Jackass & Western Locomotive

It crashed!

Bob and......

An old-timey train mailroom

No, it's not Forrest Gump...but it is his company

Here we go!!

The Littlest Kog peeking - one of the geocacher's kids

Bob's peeking, too.

Seen on the back window of one of the cacher's cars

Neat wall mural

Bob ready to go

Home again

This is Bob's CPM chair - without the young lady

Well, I did it again. I haven’t written in this blog since January 11th and here it is, March 4th already!! A lot of that time was just spent in every day living with trips to doctors here and there. It IS pretty bad when you lose a whole month though, huh? Very large senior moment, I guess.

Bunk, Brenda, Bob and I went to a geocaching get-together in Boulder City the one day. It was just a chance to meet some fellow cachers and then go on a little train ride. We did have a good time on that. There were some sky divers at the airport across the highway; that’s something I’d like to do sometime but I think it’s rather expensive so I’m just going to have to settle for a zip line ride, I guess.

I followed up with a doctor here regarding the microcalcifications that showed up on my mammogram in Ohio. She (the doctor here) had another mammo done because she wanted to see just where they were and she prefers films, not the discs I had brought along. After looking at the films, a stereotactic biopsy was ordered so I had that and during my follow-up visit, she said everything looked fine. I think I was more afraid of the biopsy (possible pain) than what the results might be. I do have to follow-up with another mammo in 6 months.

Then it was on to Bob’s shoulder, the one he injured when he fell last August. After reviewing his records, and since he has several co-morbidities, the surgeon sent him to an internist who had him go for a stress test and after reviewing that, the internist sent him to a cardiologist who ordered a high powered 64-slice CTscan. Even though that showed some small heart difficulties, the cardiologist cleared him for his shoulder surgery which he finally had on March 1st. This is normally an in-and-out, one-day surgery but Bob had some problems clearing the anesthesia from his system and couldn’t keep his sat levels up where they should be on room air so they kept him overnight. We have a CPM chair here in the house along with a cold machine and a TENS machine. Use the CPM 4x a day followed by the cold machine to keep any swelling under control. Very fancy stuff, for sure. This video shows a woman using the same machine Bob uses. The TENS machine is for pain but Bob doesn’t like it so he uses the pain meds instead. Since he’s supposed to use the CPM for about 8 weeks, I guess we’re here ‘til near the end of April.

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