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Marilyn & I were sipping our coffee a bit after 5:00 this morning. We were getting ourselves primed to head off to meet our daughter and pick up the grandkids for the day.

Marilyn’s cell phone rang and it was Jennifer letting us know that she had been put “On Call” and we had the morning to ourselves.

I did have to lead a couple tours of the Mark Twain Cave and those were fun. The second tour consisted of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from Lexington, Mo.

That was a great bunch of young folks and may have been the most well-behaved group I have ever had the pleasure of guiding through the cave. Kudos to those fine young people, their parents and teachers.

When I returned to the RV Marilyn was ready to leave for a shopping trip in town. She informed me that Jennifer and the grandkids were coming in to visit later in the afternoon.

I decided to follow through on my promise to Colby, that we would cook something together.

My sweet pepper skillet stew was the choice.

I gathered ground beef, beef stock, stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery, kidney beans, sweet green peppers, a large potato, and the spices I like to use.

Marilyn & I relaxed until Jennifer and the grandkids came in and then it was lots of fun and a bit of chaos. Isn’t that normal?

While we are back here with family we try to keep in touch with our RV friends through their blogs and e-mails.

The simple truth is that life is completely different when we are here than what it is when we are “on the road” living the RV life.

Both are good but they are so different.

It’s funny that when we are “on the road” we miss seeing the kids and grandkids, terribly.

When we are here in Hannibal, we think a lot about our life “on the road”.

Just one of those facts of life.

I put hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, even sending two hamburgers home for our son-in-law, Steve.

It was mostly a quiet day with some chaos just to keep us on our toes.

We said goodnight to Jen & the grandkids with hugs and kisses.

Life is Good!

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