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We left the resort in Khao Lak paying our bill of 11,900 Baht (about £210) which was for a weeks accommodation, breakfast and dinner nearly every night, tons of water, lunch 2 or 3 times and my Chang beer bill so not a bad result. We gave the staff 1000 Baht tip and they were well chuffed so we spread the goodwill about a bit. We had sussed out the bus and all we had to do was get to the top of the road and wait for a bus then flag it down and check that it was going to Surat Thani. We walked up from the resort which was a trial in itself. The rain had stopped and the sun had come out, we had ditched a load of clothes but the bags were still heavy and by the time w got to the top of the road we were knackered. The side of the road was in full sun so we dropped the bads there and went over the other side of the road so we could be in the shade. The worry was that the bus would come hurtling round the corner and we would be trapped over the road, which almost happened but we managed to flag down the driver and the bus was going our way so we got on and the little guy helping the driver grabbed our bags and ran to the boot. Good job he did run cos the driver wasn’t waiting, he was off and the guy just managed to get back on the bus. The journey is about 150km and takes normally about 4 hours, the cost was 180 Baht each (£3.50). The bus stopped for a break after about half an hour at some god forsaken bus station, never the best places to hang around. Poor Ang went to the toilet there and regretted it as soon as she went in. We got going again like a bat out of hell and through some pretty dense jungle with elephants on the side of the road and massive limestone structures. We got to Surath Thani in about 4 hours and thought we would have to get a taxi to the hotel but we saw signs for the hotel on the drive into the town and jumped up and shouted the driver when we saw the actual hotel. It was so funny Ang making all these hand signals trying to get through to the driver that it was our hotel, a bit like vision on in the old days. The hotel itself was quite nice and we had a room that was clean and cool, great. We got showered and then decided to have a look at the town as we had read an article which suggested it was worth seeing. We jumped into a Tuk-Tuk a sort of open taxi and went to the driver, somewhere to eat please and he pointed back to our hotel, muppet. We eventually got going and for about 20 minutes he drove us around the centre of the town which was really shabby and stunk especially the market area. We gout out and had a walk around trying to find something to drink withought much success. We decided to go back to the hotel and flagged down a cab but the guy wanted 5 times what we paid to get there so we left him and eventually found a place where a really nice guy fixed us up with a lift. Back at the hotel we had coffee (revolting) and cakes, not bad especially the pumpkin pie, just like being back in Georgia (well almost). That night we stayed in the hotel to eat and ended up in the restaurant chatting to the waitress and drinking Chang (of course) we had some nice food, spicy for me and ‘Mai Sai Prick’ for Ang which rather disappointingly means not too spicy  The hotel arranged the travel from the hotel to Koh Samui for us including a lift from the hotel to the bus in Surat Thani then the bus to the boat and the boat across to Koh Samui. The boat was good enough and we had an air conditioned area although it was full of young kids marching around. We had the staple of the boat regardiung food, a pot noodle which was a bit spicy but ok. When the boat docked, of course loads of taxi drivers surround everybody and we settled for a lift to our hotel which is just outside the mad chaos that is now Chaweng and the room is good.

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